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Harry King freed women from permanent wave solutions, sleeping on orange juice cans, big bonnet hairdryers, and the need to have every hair shellacked into place. Harry’s a hairstyling legend, and we owe him our gratitude. Even if you don’t know Harry King, one look and you’ll notice the mischievous twinkle in his eye and

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Dear Friends, This will be my last regular blog post for a while because I’m stepping away to work on

I was thinking about the 1975 song by Eric Carmen, “All By Myself,” where the refrain (over and over and

My friend, Pat, uses the term “elderly” when referring to the current state of our high school graduating class. It

For those of you who shop QVC you probably already know David Dangle, CEO of Joan Rivers Worldwide. You may

Yesterday I called a friend whose husband died two months ago after years of numerous and serious medical problems. When

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Incase the universe thought it might have slipped my mind that 15 years ago