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Have you seen Joanna Gaines’s new TV series Magnolia Table? Like many of us I became besotted with Joanna and her practical, common sense, yet chic style on the Fixer Upper series she did with her adorable husband, Chip. Joanna’s new series, Magnolia Table, takes its name from their restaurant in Waco, Texas, as well as

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According to Webster’s Dictionary, separate is a verb. We separate our lights from darks when doing laundry, our refrigerated goods

I have a friend who changed jobs, moved to a new city on the other side of the country and

Last week’s blog about the “invisible man” sitting in the Spanish chair in my living room got me thinking about

Isn’t it funny how things like smells and music can jog our memory and remind us of places we’ve been

Do you have storage units that are costing you $$$$ every month? Here's how I got rid of four storage
Once again, Donna O'Klock, our expert in RV lifestyles has some interesting stories about their RV park neighbors and what