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STEVIE NICKS Photograph @Brenda Coffee, 2019
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Last month on Instagram, Stevie Nicks posted a video of herself walking toward the edge of the stage in a sold-out stadium full of cheering fans in Columbus, Ohio. She’s the same beautiful, flaxen-haired woman with the unique voice and flowing skirts we’ve known since 1975 when she joined Fleetwood Mac and helped them become one of the best-selling bands of all time. In the comments section, Reese Witherspoon said, “Look at all that LOVE💗,” referring to the reaction of Stevie’s fans. However, Witherspoon’s comment was followed by many from women over 50 who criticized Nicks with things like, “Her gate is that of an elderly woman,” and “She should get off the stage.” Let me count the ways these comments angered me.

Why are women so mean to one another, even toward women they know and supposedly love?

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