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Sara Cornell

A few years into my second divorce, I’m finding myself at an interesting intersection: My first marriage and divorce is diluted in my mind as I was (A) exceptionally young when I married and divorced, and (B) the process and ensuing contact over the years has been minimal at best. I’ve had non-marital breakups that

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I’m not big on resolutions, but I made one this year. I resolved to break up with Starbucks. My coffee

I just read there are four times more storage units in the United States than there are Starbucks. Since 1987,

Three years ago I lost 18 pounds. In some circumstances this would be an exciting thing, but in my case

In preparation for the move back into our newly renovated house, I’ve been coordinating the reduction of boxes and furniture

Middle age kind of snuck up on me, and along the way I neglected to read the memo about thinning

Sometimes I get overwhelmed with disdain for myself. Those days when I can’t get out of my own way, I