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  After paying $5.00 for a tiny basket of tasteless, organic cherry tomatoes at a farmers market earlier this summer, I got it into my head to grow my own. Bah, humbug. I didn’t need to pay that much for something as simple-to-grow as tomatoes. I imagined myself admiring my tomato plant, picturing it heavily

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  A few days ago as I stood looking out my front door, I watched our neighbor wielding a large

“I am the product of every kind of loss you can imagine, and I am stronger and smarter for it.”

Recently on my blog I shared how I have evergreens growing up the side of my house. The climbing evergreens

Garden Centers are filled with beautiful flowers this time of year. As much as I love flowers, I also enjoy

GardenIt’s good to be back, writing at 1010 Park Place after being out of town for a few weeks. Today

You can jazz up your centerpiece by adding fruits or vegetables to the arrangement. It gives it a whimsical flair.