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Every month my friend Cindy and I interview a different woman we think you’d like to know. This month I’m introducing you to Ageless Style with Tara Shaw. BTW, my website is back online, so you can read about Tara there.

Tara Shaw has always been an arbiter of great style. Early in her career, Tara wholesaled multiple fashion lines through two showrooms in Dallas until she met a hero that changed the course of her life. The hero wasn’t a person but a Louis XIV-XV armoire that stopped her in her tracks and gave her an ah-ha moment. It wasn’t long before Tara Shaw fell in love with New Orleans where she set up a to-the-trade shop full of exquisite antiques. 

In 2018, I interviewed Tara at her shop, and it was anything but fancy. Just the opposite.

Tara had taken over an old cotton warehouse that had no electricity and no bathroom, but even so, antique dealers and designers came from far and wide. Some even slept on blow-up mattresses on the sidewalk outside so they could be the first in line to buy the treasures from her most recent European shopping expedition. Did I tell you Tara is known for her exquisite eye for quality and design?

It wasn’t long before Veranda magazine came calling, followed by Harry Connick Jr and his wife Jill Goodacre, Tara’s first paying clients. Since then, Tara has created her own furniture line, Tara Shaw Maison, an 11,000 square foot public showroom on Magazine Street in New Orleans, an online storefront on 1stDibs, and a series of luxury residences she designed and sold.

With her popular video posts on Instagram, Tara gives viewers an insight into everything from the history of the armoire to how to mix antiquities with contemporary midcentury art. On her new YouTube channel, she walks viewers through client homes, teaches us the basics of European Antique Shopping, and gives us a peek at some of the homes for sale she’s eyeing in France. I’ve always said Tara Shaw should have her own television show on HGTV, but she’s carving out a big footprint on social media, and her style isn’t limited to designing a room or selecting the right pair of Italian sconces.

As her Instagram followers have discovered, her personal style has many of us wondering how she selects the pieces in her wardrobe.

Tara and I have tried to catch up with one another since late last year, but with her busy schedule and the intense timeline I’m under for my book, we decided a written Q&A would have to suffice this time. Enjoy!

Tara in her home office before she redid a lot of the rooms, including the red oak floors and shelving in her library office. I watched this video dozens of times so I could duplicate Tara’s beautiful oak finish on the custom bookcase in my office. (When I get the room finished, I’ll share it with you. Thank you, Tara! It‘s beautiful.)

BRENDA: You’re at the top of your profession, an in-demand interior designer and respected supplier of French and European antiques, and now you’ve become a fashionista. Women inquire on Instagram and call your store, wanting to know everything you’re wearing. You’ve said your decorating aesthetic is a timeless, effortless, casual elegance. Does that carry over into your personal style?

TARA: I think most designers carry the aesthetic to their closets or maybe that is where it starts.

BRENDA: This week I watched a few minutes of the film, Lawrence of Arabia, and it struck me that Lawrence was wearing a Tara Shaw color palette and following your rules of thumb about design:

All neutral colors, cream and white robes, together with his blonde hair and the light camel sand of the Arabian desert. And his striking one-of-a-kind piece, “the hero” that “anchors the room” was a beautiful golden dagger tucked into his waistband.

He epitomized the chic neutrals, clean lines, and the hero pieces you favor in your room designs. Do you think about these when you get dressed?

TARA: Dressing for me depends on what I’m doing that day. In the fields in Europe (antique flea markets), it’s all about a practical wardrobe that can last three weeks and is easy and basic. I’m drawn to neutrals in my purchases, items that are timeless.

BRENDA: Would you share some examples of hero pieces you might wear?

TARA: I am drawn to unusual pieces like a silver metallic vest or a rhinestone linen tunic because they become the “hero” to my basic wardrobe.

Tara in her store on 5833 Magazine Street in New Orleans.

Also, I have black and white jackets that are timeless in all lengths and fabrics from linens to wools. So easy to layer over jeans or a classic trouser.

BRENDA: Do you wear many accessories?

TARA: I have lots of scarves that are the perfect accessory to a basic t-shirt and jacket.

BRENDA: We both like classic white shirts. You once said they were like a piece of Swedish furniture. LOL! Neutral and goes with anything. One of my favorite things you’ve worn was last summer when you took your Instagram audience for a tour of Unit 5, the residence you redid over your shop. You wore a fabulous white shirt that was nipped in at the waist and had a long peplum. And you accessorized with a long black lariat around your neck that looked like it had pearls on it.

TARA: I bought the top at Weinsteins on Magazine Street which has been my go-to for years when I want a hero or a basic. (Owners) Roz and Bonnie go to Europe for all the shows, so of course, they are my wheelhouse. The pant is a Claudie Pierlot, and I purchased it in France but you can find them on Farfetch.

BRENDA: Tell me about this long shirt you wore on Instagram. The bottom hem is longer in the back than the front, and it’s fabulous! 

TARA: The white shirt in the Instagram video is a palmer//harding. I’m a sale shopper, and that top was half-off, and that was my reasoning to add it to my white shirt collection which is a large portion of my closet.

BRENDA: Love this black top, white pants, and black sandals. Chic but simple.

TARA: The top is from another wonderful shop on Magazine Street. Pilot & Powell. Jeans are either Gap or R13. Sandals are Prada, a classic they carry every spring and summer.

BRENDA: Your duster reminds me of a linen duster I wear sometimes with a column of all-white underneath. Here, you’re using it to elevate blue jeans and a white tee. So smart. 

TARA: I think the easiest way to elevate a jean and t-shirt is a jacket, any length, or a scarf. Does not need to be expensive because the duster was incredibly inexpensive. The shoes are a classic oxford with no laces.

(Tara provided most of the photographs, although some are screenshots I took from Instagram. Forgive the fuzzy resolution.)

BRENDA: I love this great navy dress from Pilot & Powell. Tell me about the belt. That’s a hero piece for sure.

TARA: The belt is alligator that I picked up at market in High Point along with a linen handbag with black alligator strap handles. Classic, spur-of-the-moment purchase I will use for years.

Tara in her guest room that has two black iron canopy beds Tara Shaw Maison designs and sells.

BRENDA: I rarely see you wearing a print except for this navy duster with red and yellow you wore with white pants and a red top underneath. How do you feel about prints?

TARA: This is a favorite of mine whether I am wearing it over yoga pants or jeans. It is a Dries Van Noten, and I bought it from Weinsteins. I typically do not purchase a print, but this jacket is 70% black, and it will steal the show in a room. A true hero.

BRENDA: I love that we’re both women of faith, and you share this on your Instagram account. For many followers, I think this is their “church” devotional. What made you decide to share this with the world?

One of Tara’s favorite daily devotionals: God Calling by A.J. Russell. To purchase, click here.

TARA: Well, without my faith, I would not have hope, and I am fortunate to be given a platform to share what has changed the course of my life.

BRENDA: You’re also working on a new design book. Can you tell me about it?

To purchase Tara Shaw’s Soul of the Home book, click here. Flipping through Tara’s book is catnip for me!

TARA: I have been so fortunate that my first book, Soul of the Home, sold extremely well, and I have been offered a second book, so we are working on shooting it now. 

BRENDA: When I interviewed you in New Orleans we talked about your memoir, The Coat Your Father Gave You. Will we ever get to read it?

TARA: I just started talking about that book with my office a few weeks ago…I hope one day it will be published. The Coat Your Father Gave You is not a design book, but a spiritual journey that I hope would encourage others.

BRENDA: Since I saw you, I wrote a memoir called Maya Blue. My literary agent helped me place it, and the pub date is next year, May 2025. The thread that runs through the entire book is a cautionary tale about our voice: It’s the most powerful tool we have. We must never give our voice away. 

TARA: I cannot wait to read your story, Brenda. With the sharing of our stories, we can help others.

Tara Shaw is a generous and giving woman. I know this from experience. In 2018, when I interviewed her at her warehouse, she later took me to her exquisite home, the one we see in all the magazines and in her book, Soul of the Home, and she suggested a divine little place around the corner for me to have dinner. I appreciated her kindness and generosity, and it cemented my affection and admiration for her.

Don’t forget to click on Cindy’s blog and see who she’s featuring this month! Please leave us both a comment.

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  1. Hi Brenda
    What a wonderful interview. I have long admired Tara’s work. It is such a treat to get to know her a little better. I have coveted that bed forever in her collection. It is a classic. I too am drawn to solids rather than prints. Love everything about her style!

    • Cindy, THAT BED! You and me both, girlfriend. I’ve seen it in person, and it’s fabulous! I’m a solid, not a print, person. For the most part, I think the woman gets lost in the print she’s wearing, and we aren’t able to focus on her. xoxox, Brenda

  2. Wow – what an inspiration. She must be an amazing person to to know!
    Most really stylish people love solids and neutrals.
    I am all about color and print. Hmmmmm.

    • I see so much neutral, which maybe is stylish, but becomes rather boring. Women start to look very similar. You have a vibrant personality , Gray, and express it in what you wear. Neutral to me is a combination of creams and wheat colour. I don’t wear white ( too harsh against my face) nor black unless there’s colour to soften it somewhat. Colour ( soft Autumn palette) ,and the use of some prints, lift my spirits and reflect my personality. I am good with that.

      • Hi Cath, I love that we’re all so different with our tastes. White and black can be harsh colors. I don’t wear much black, but a crisp white shirt brightens my face, and I accessorize with color. That said, I recently bought a vivid blue silk shirt and pants and a blue and white striped dress! Thanks for reading and leaving a comment. xoxox, Brenda

    • Hi Gray, Color and prints are an interesting contrast to your name. LOL! Have you thought about that? I’m sure you have. I’ve always worn solids and neutrals and accessorized with color or as Tara calls them, “hero pieces.” So happy you enjoyed her interview. How are you doing? I imagine you’re still having a tough time. Sending you lots of love, Brenda

  3. I’ve loved Tara Shaw’s style, personal & interiors, since I first discovered her. I, of course, bought & throughly enjoyed her book immensely! I always take the time to chill & absorb her devotional each Sunday. Tara is a professional that is balanced in her life & willing to share all of it with us!! Loved this post! Can’t wait for your book, Brenda!!

    • Hi Kathleen, That’s how I felt about Tara when she first came across my radar. Her book, Soul of the Home, is on my coffee table, and I frequently leaf through it for inspiration. Her taste is superb and it strikes a chord in me. Thanks for the well wishes about my book! I’m excited. xoxox, Brenda

  4. Brenda! LOL! You’re so funny! Catnip! But I get it. Tara’s style is so elegant and refined and I try to soak it all in and let her guide me. I loved your interview with her and am looking forward to buying both of your books. Xo

    • Thanks Barb! Tara and I are glad you liked getting to know more about her…. and our books! Hope all is well with you! xoxox, Brenda

  5. I didn’t know about Tara until this interview Brenda, but I love her style. Personal and as a designer. I’m not on Instagram, but I want to see more of Tara, so I’m going to change that today. So glad your website is fixed! I look forward to reading your blogs every week and your book…Wow! Our voice is the most powerful tool we have. Based on the meaningful inspiring things you write in your blog, I know I’m going to love your memoir. Great going!!

    • Thank you, Carolyn, for leaving me such a lovely comment. If I’m not mistaken, this is the first time I’ve heard from you. Tara will be happy to know you enjoyed it enough to join Instagram. It will be a new experience for you, but you can curate the kind of topics and people you’d like to know more about. I love it more than Facebook. xoxox, Brenda

  6. Yay! You’re back. I missed you and what a delightful surprise to read your post this morning. You made my day! I love Tara’s style . She’s delightful. Could you tell me how tall she is. She looks petite like me but it’s hard to tell with the pictures. I find it very difficult to find quality clothes for women under 5’4.

    • Hi Yvonne! Thank you! I missed all of you as well and I’m so glad the technical gremlins are at bay… for now. They always have a way of raising their heads again, don’t they? Since I’ve spent time with Tara, I’ll guess she’s about your height. Prints can swallow you whole, even if you’re tall. I’m 5’7″, and I get lost in prints. I don’t think you notice the woman, just the fabric. xoxox, Brenda

  7. I remember reading about her in a magazine!Most likely VERANDA?
    She buys what I LOVE!
    Now BRENDA THATS AN IDEA TAKE A SMALL GROUP TO NEW ORLEANS!!!!By small I mean like THREE and let’s have Dinner with HER!!

    • Elizabeth, Like you, I first read about Tara in Veranda, then went searching for everything I could about her design style. She’s my design guru. Dinner with Tara… That could be a YouTube channel where we eat at different restaurants in New Orleans and talk about style! xoxox, Brenda

  8. I echo what some of the other readers have said. We’re happy to have you back and your interview with Tara Shaw is a bonus! I’m buying her book and God Calling when I sign off. You never disappoint Brenda! Thank you.

    • Awe! Thank you, Sarah! I’m thrilled and grateful you like my blog and the interview with Tara. I know she’ll be happy you’re buying both of those books. Enjoy! xoxox, Brenda

  9. I’ve always loved Tara Shaw so imagine my excitement this morning when there she was on your site! Her taste is exquisite. You’re both the real deal and I admire you both. Such a great read. Thank you Brenda, Tara!

    • And imagine my excitement this morning when I read the lovely comment you left. Thank you, Fredricka! I know Tara will appreciate it as well. Brenda

    • And it was such a treat, Mindy! Oh, my word! My brain was working overtime, taking in all the beauty, and Tara was so genuine and nice. I couldn’t have asked for a better afternoon. xoxox, Brenda

  10. Hi Brenda,
    So glad your computer issues are in your rear view mirror. What a royal pain in the touché. We are so very dependent on technology.
    Tera Shaw is highly talented, with a good business head on her shoulders.
    Thank you for introducing her to me.
    I’m sure your hard work on all the finishing touches on your book will pay off. You are descent for success.

    • Katherine, I don’t know what to say except thank you! I’m excited about my book. Tara can, and does, juggle a dozen different projects at the same time. She’s smart and talented and oh so nice! Hugs back to you, Brenda

  11. I love Tara Shaw! Her style, knowledge and personality are so beautiful. One of my favorite things I believe was during the pandemic when were were all at home and Tara gave tours of her house and told all sorts of interesting things about each piece in the house. So fabulous.
    Love her new showroom and the apartments that she built above it.
    Thank you for sharing such an ama

    • Elizabeth, I missed those Instagram posts! Thanks for telling me about them. I’ll scroll back and watch. During Covid I was laser-focused on writing my memoir, so everything else kind of fell off the radar. I’d love to take another trip to NOLA, and Tara’s new showroom will be at the top of my stops. xoxox, Brenda

  12. I loved reading about Tara Shaw, who I follow on Instagram. I am ordering her book, immediately. I live with a combination of family antiques and more traditional pieces.
    I love what Tara said about white shirt- I am an addict. Thank you.

    • Hi Beth! I’m a white shirt addict as well. I remember when a girlfriend looked in my closet and didn’t get it. She couldn’t imagine why I had so many white shirts, but they go with everything and can be so different from one another. You’ll LOVE Tara’s book! I’m looking forward to her new design book and am hoping her memoir is published as well. Loved your comment, Beth! Thank you! xoxox, Brenda

  13. Hello, Brenda! I have long admired Tara Shaw–her color palette is mine. Sometimes I tell myself I should branch out but nothing makes me swoon like those tans, creams, whites, etc. As I was reading this post I was excited to see mention of the devotional “God Calling.” I had never even heard of it until 3 years ago. My mother became ill very rapidly, going from healthy and vibrant to deceased in 72 hours. She was a Sunday School teacher of adults and on her last day on earth, a Sunday, one of her class members brought her a gift to class–this devotional–not knowing she was seriously ill in the hospital. Well, someone held onto it and gave it to me and I just love it. I find so much meaning in the messages.
    On another subject, two days ago (June 3) was the Stones concert in Orlando. They were as good as ever and I had a great seat right up front. Unfortunately, my girlfriend woke up sick that day but I was able to resell her ticket on Ticketmaster and do you know they take ANOTHER fee for reselling!! I listed it for $800 to maybe have a better chance of it selling (just 4 hours before the show) and they take $115 of that! Plus I had to fill out a tax form because I’ll receive a 1099 for taxes next year!
    I hope the book is proceeding along as scheduled.

    Kathy Howell


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