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Nick Dawes

Do you have storage units that are costing you $$$$ every month? Here's how I got rid of four storage units in six months, and my "cardboard box money" is breathing a sigh of relief.
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I grew up in the world of antiques and never left, sharing professional time as a dealer, auctioneer, lecturer and

Whether you’re acquiring art and objects for pure enjoyment or with an eye for investment; to begin a collection or

Some years ago I had a most interesting and provocative dinner conversation at the Philadelphia Antiques show with table mate

1010ParkPlace’s Nick Dawes; Vice President, Special Collections at Heritage Auctions in New York; expert appraiser since season one on PBS’s

Antique Roadshow & Heritage Auction expert, Nick Dawes, offers some basic, starting tips for buying antiques.

“Please take all of it, I don’t need anything!” I get lots of calls from women who are ready to