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Mithra Ballesteros

I was borrowing a cup of sugar from my neighbor down the street and noticed that in her dining room, she had artfully stacked books on the table and chairs. The volumes belonged to her parents, both of whom who had passed away. As my friend was sorting through the estate, the books found a

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Years ago I won a writing contest sponsored by Saks Fifth Avenue. The prize was a Cartier Tank watch, and

While shopping for antique and vintage pieces, I’m always surprised at the devaluation of anything with a monogram. Whether it’s

A blank wall is like a naked body — lovely in its most basic form but full of possibilities for

I asked my son the other day, “You don’t think I’m a hoarder, do you?” “No,” he said. “More like

It was my friend Patrick who warned me about the dangers of theme decorating. I had regaled him with my

At an estate sale recently, a large baggie filled with yellow corn-on-the-cob holders caught my eye. The price was $1