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Debbie Slevin

— Relationships —

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Sisters. I’ve been thinking a lot about sisters recently and pining for one of my own. “Be careful what you wish for,” cautions a friend who can barely be in the same room as her younger sister before one of them erupts with age-old resentments. But as the years pass, and I relinquish my lifelong quest for a strong mother-replacement for the faulty one I was paired with, I yearn for another woman to share deeply the journey of aging.

I have acquired lots of “sisters” along the way; women who are so good, so kind, and so supportive. Continue Reading

— Life —

Actor, Charles 'Chip' Esten, Nashville's Deacon Claybourne
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What is it about Deacon Claybourne that makes my ole’ heart go pit-a-pat, pit-a-pat? Just about everything! The way he looks at Rayna, a woman his own age—an anomaly on television—and the way his eyes well up with love for Maddy and Daphney. Deacon’s either blooming tears or ready to throw a punch. There’s nothing wishy-washy about Deacon Claybourne. He’s a man who knows what he wants; a big softie, deep down to the core of that handsome, craggy tough guy.

Deacon Claybourne is the consummate bad boy with the heart of gold, a fictional character on ABC’s Nashville.

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