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Happy April sweet friends. This week San Antonio experienced near totality during Tuesday’s eclipse, while the next night we had 70-mile-an-hour winds and a hard rain. Since my girl Annie is scared of storms, we rode it out on a blanket in my closet and listened to one of my Favorite Things for this month.

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Last week, I brought home an unwanted souvenir from a recent trip to New York City: My first case of

Many of us have an exercise program we follow. We lift weights, do aerobics and/or attend a yoga class, and

We’ve all heard stories about people who “died in their sleep,” but did you know they might have died from

Selecting holiday gifts can be frustrating, time-consuming, and expensive, so this year, think of me as your Holiday Gift Elf.

Even during the best of times, the holidays can be trying for many of us. It’s easy to let ourselves

In a recent Ageless Style interview with Jennifer Denton, we talked about her favorite skincare products. Many of them contain hyaluronic