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Julie Vos Jewelry GiveAway

Our Julie Vos Greek Key Cuff in Aqua Chalcedony Winner!

While it was the word “Popup Store” that first caught my eye, it was the Julie Vos jewelry in the window that beckoned me in like an addict, looking for a fix… and I’m not addicted to jewelry. Before that day, I owned three pairs of earrings and two bracelets.

I discovered why Julie Lindsey, owner and designer of Julie Vos says, “My jewelry is affordable, and it sells itself.” For me, it was love at first sight.

Julie Lindsey, owner of Julie Vos jewelry, has a Master’s in Short Fiction Writing, but her artistry in jewelry design is self-taught. Fashion editors at Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire and InStyle have referred to Julie Vos jewelry as “wearable luxury.” Translated that means “affordable.”

Julie Vos pairs semi-precious cabochons with a 24k gold or silver patina to create an opulent look, reminiscent of much higher priced lines carried by stores like Bergdorf Goodman. With an elegant old world feel, Julie Vos pieces are sold by some of the most prestigious museums in the country, including the J. Paul Getty in Los Angeles and the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC. The only thing I love more than Julie Vos jewelry is Julie Lindsey’s story. Talk about a smart woman who reinvented her direction…

Ten years ago Julie began buying and selling other people’s gold and semi-precious jewelry and expensive embroidered pashminas she sold at trunk shows, hosted by family and friends. Ninety-five percent of the women who wanted to buy the pieces she was selling weren’t comfortable purchasing expensive gold jewelry for themselves, or they wanted their husband or boyfriend to purchase it for them.

“I didn’t like that women couldn’t buy something and feel good about the price, put it on and walk out the door and enjoy it,” said Julie. “I love affordable, beautiful jewelry. Jewelry is a party. If you’re not having fun, I’m not having fun. What gives me pleasure is seeing women have an array of things they can afford and purchase without guilt.”

Julie’s trunk show experiences taught her a lot. She learned what women wanted, and she took notes. Because of the escalating price of gold, Julie stopped selling other people’s gold jewelry and started designing her own line. While her pieces are only plated in gold and silver, she kept the semi-precious stones.

“Most of the jewelers in my category work in glass and resin. Resin is just a fancy word for plastic,” said Julie. “I love the luminescence and the color of semi-precious stones. They’re more flattering to a woman’s eyes and to her skin and hair than precious stones.”

Julie Vos wholesales to about 500 stores in the U.S., South America and Asia. Julie Lindsey’s not interested in opening up her own retail stores because she likes that her team is small and together on one floor.

“The popup store was an experiment. It was a great way for our customers—like you, Brenda—to see the entire line and to expose people to our pieces who might never come across our online store.”

Julie Vos is giving one lucky 1010ParkPlace reader one of their best selling bracelets, the Greek Key Cuff in Aqua Chalcedony, that retails for $330. I LOVE this bracelet. To win, leave me a comment here on my blog post. To increase your chances of winning, also subscribe to 1010ParkPlace or like our Facebook page. The GiveAway ends November 14th! Good Luck!

PS: Lynne Sullivan Tust was the winner of the Makeup Wakeup book! Way to go, Lynne! The clock starts new, so make sure you enter this Julie Vos giveaway!

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35 thoughts on “Julie Vos Jewelry GiveAway”

  1. Brenda–I continue to enjoy reading your blog each time. Your stories and interviews are very interesting, informative and enjoyable.

  2. Wearable luxury is definitely something many of us aspire to have in our lives. Thank you for sharing this fabulous story (and product) with us!

  3. I look forward to reading the blogs each week. It is a refreshing break! Thank you for sharing jewelry joy!

  4. I have always loved, loved, loved jewelry with a historical reference. Those pieces never go out of style. Thanks you for introducing us to Julie Vos. New fan here… 🙂

  5. That bracelet is gorgeous! It looks like it could have been found on a Roman archeological dig. Needless to say, I’d love to win!

  6. I would love to win the bracelet as I would give it to my sister. Which probably means I need to just buy it for my sister 🙂

  7. I’m privileged to know many jewelry artisans in Nashville, so I know quality when I see it – and that piece is amazing! It’s all the more impressive when you consider it’s affordable as well. I love the other pieces, too. Thank you for bringing Lindsey’s work to our attention 🙂


  8. We are so much alike Brenda in so many ways! I, too, am not addicted to jewelry and rarely buy any for myself. I enjoy my jewelry that I have inherited and jewelry that were gifts to me. However, I think this bracelet is stunning. I looked at her line and found several pieces I would love.

  9. Oh WOW, what a beautiful cuff! Definitely makes me want to check out more of her pieces! Thanks so much for sharing, Brenda! GOD bless you, Love! 🙂

  10. What a gorgeous bracelet!! Bracelets are my favorite and this is one I would love to add to my jewelry collection. Thank you so much for this opportunity. I am following on fb as Christy Peeples DuBois and I subscribed by email at the bottom of this post but I get the following:

    The page you are looking for has not been found.
    Is there something I’m not doing right? My email is [email protected]

  11. This is a beautiful bracelet! Thanks for the chance to win it. I follow on bloglovin, twitter and have subscribed also!

  12. I absolutely LOVE simple, unique jewelry. I don’t like gaudy diamonds, or something that screams “Look at me!”. I like understated items that make people really look at you…and then say “Wow! Where did you get that?”. That is how I am with my pieces. I am addicted to jewelry though! haha

  13. This is such a beautiful bracelet .I love the colors used in the stones, the style and being done in gold its my favorite !

  14. I have just discovered your blog and love it. The cuff is stunning and would be a joy to wear. Hope the competition is still open and you post to Western Australia.

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