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Repotting Flowering Plants

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GardenIt’s good to be back, writing at 1010 Park Place after being out of town for a few weeks.

Today I wanted to share a simple upgrade I often do for flowering plants in my home. I enjoy either fresh flowers, or a blooming plant next to my kitchen sink.  As much as I love to cook, doing dishes is a chore. Flowers brighten the task!

Recently I received a beautiful petite orchid as a hostess gift.  Right away I knew it would be perfect for my kitchen counter.

Repotting Blooming Plants

When small accessories are out of scale, they can look lost in a big room.  This orchid in its small pot looked so tiny next to my large picture window. By repotting it in a beautiful, larger container, it’s the perfect size for my counter.

When selecting a decorative container, think outside the usual pots and containers. You can use candy dishes, a silver sugar bowl, crystal or any other unique vessel. I received this beautiful bowl for Christmas, and it worked beautifully for this orchid plant.

Repotting blooming plants

I didn’t want to disturb the orchid by repotting it.  I just inserted it in its original container into my new bowl.  To stabilize it, I cut florist foam and wedged it around the orchid pot.

Repotting your orchid in another container

I covered the pot with moss, which always gives the arrangement a finished look.

Repotting your orchid (7 of 13)

The orchid is now the right scale for the area on my kitchen counter.

Repotting your orchid (8 of 13)

My friend Peggy received the same orchid as they were given to us as hostess gifts when we co-hosted Supper Club.  When I visited her home a few weeks later, I saw that she too repotted her orchid.  I love how she used both moss and stones to top off her container.

Repotting blooming plants

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