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Gorgeous Statement Planters

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Garden Centers are filled with beautiful flowers this time of year. As much as I love flowers, I also enjoy container gardening with unusual plants, especially plants that makes a statement and add interest to the outdoor area.

Whether you have a large yard, or a small patio, sometimes you just need something to jazz it up.

Nothing does that better than a plant with oversized leaves to set the stage. Think tropical plants such as elephant ears, banana leaf plants, palms, etc. Their striking leaves add height and interest.

You can add complimentary plants such as ivy, ferns, coleus and sweet potato vines, or you can just keep it simple with one plant as the main and only attraction. Be sure to select a pot large enough to balance the oversized plant.

Statement planters can stand alone, be displayed in pairs flanking an entryway, or grouped together in a larger setting.

Unique Statement Planters

These gorgeous statement planters are sure to give you inspiration. The first one is by one of my favorite landscape and garden designers, Deborah Silver. Her work is amazing, and I have shared many of her beautiful planters on my blog. If you are passionate about gardening, also visit her other company, Detroit Garden Works.

Gorgeous Statement Planters | This green pot is stunning!

via Deborah Silver

Gorgeous Statement Planters

via Hortus 2

Gorgeous Statement Planters | Love them grouped together like this

via Casa e Jardim

These Potted Banana Palms are all that is needed to make a statement and dress up this small patio. Gorgeous!

via Houzz

I love walking around our local outdoor shopping center. The landscapers do an amazing job and I always find gardening inspiration from their gorgeous pots! OMG Lifestyle Blog - Container Gardening

via OMG Lifestyle Blog

Elephant Ears, Coleus and Sweet Potato Vine make a stunning arrangement in this pot

via Crabapple Landscape Experts

This stunning Elephant Ear Planter makes a beautiful statement on this patio.

via Longfield Gardens

For additional container gardening inspiration, visit these posts from my blog, OMG Lifestyle.

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