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Charming Espalier

Climbing evergreens with hydrangeas

Recently on my blog I shared how I have evergreens growing up the side of my house.

The climbing evergreens add so much character and charm to what could have been a plain brick wall.

Climbing Evergreen

via OMG Lifestyle

Climbing evergreens with hydrangeas

via OMG Lifestyle

Another word for these climbing evergreens is espalier. Better Homes & Gardens says it best: “Espalier, the art of training a tree or shrub against a wall, is one way to enhance a courtyard wall or other exterior surface.” Click on their link for instructions on How to Espalier.  

Espaliers are Perfect for both Large and Small Spaces

Don’t think espaliers are just for large spaces such as my large brick wall above. In fact, its just the opposite. Because they are climbing against a wall, they take up little space yet add mass appeal. They are wonderful for narrow walkways, small patios and courtyards. Keep these wonderful espaliers in mind if you are downsizing to smaller property. It’s a fabulous way to add character to a small space.

Now for some stunning examples of what you can do to add charm and appeal to a blank wall.

Espalier Art

These diamond shape espalier ivy add so much charm to this narrow walkway.

Espalier Vines add character

via Mr. and Mrs. in Paris

This ivy espalier creates a beautiful backdrop to these topiary pots.

Espalier Ivy

via Charlotte Moss

This stunning espalier covers the side wall of a garage.

Chinese Star Jasmines on espalier wires

via Cottage and Vine

If you want to grow fruit trees but don’t have the space, consider an espalier fruit tree.

Lemon Espalier

via Ian Barker Gardens

Espalier Circle

via Good Home Design

Espalier Fruit Tree

via Indulgy

Chimneys can be plain and boring. Creating an espalier tree growing up a chimney turns it into an artist’s canvas.

Magnolia Espalier

via Lucy Williams Interiors

Espaliers are a way to have greenery in tight spaces such as this courtyard.

Espelier on the patio

via Better Homes & Gardens

Privacy walls are great for just that, privacy. However, they can be so boring to look at. I love this diamond shaped espalier below which adds mass appeal to this block wall.

Privacy Fence Espelier

via Classic Casual Home

Do you have the perfect spot to create some espalier art in your yard?

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