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It’s no secret that I love music. My earliest musical memories are of my father, playing clarinet with a Dixieland Jazz band. When I was old enough he taught me how to set the needle down on a vinyl LP so I could listen to George Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue” on my parents’s record player.

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Along with watering some of my outdoor plants, twice a day, to keep them from dying in the heat, my

Last Friday I spent my 70th birthday at Diana Ross’s 75th Diamond Jubilee Birthday Celebration at the Wynn Hotel in

My goals when we decided to buy a home, besides more space, were to have a more active social life;

Cheryl Strayed, NYTimes #1 Best-Selling author of Wild, her memoir about her 1,100 mile hike, talks to me about the
While trying to flee the heat this week I discovered a book of artistic photographs, each a true work of

When I was in Florence last month, a British historian gave me and my friend a tour of the Uffizi