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This year has taken many of us down the rabbit hole, and we are wondering when it will be safe to poke our heads above ground and get our lives back. I wave to neighbors, text and zoom with friends and attend church online, but the only living being I see face-to-face is Annie, and

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The other night I watched the classic 1959, film, The Diary of Anne Frank, the true story of seven people

Laura Munson’s new book, Willa’s Grove, is much more than a novel. It’s a map, a template with the potential

Dear Friends, This will be my last regular blog post for a while because I’m stepping away to work on

I was thinking about the 1975 song by Eric Carmen, “All By Myself,” where the refrain (over and over and

Serena Crawford is one of my favorite people because her curiosity and interests knows no bounds. I could tell you

I’ve been saying this a lot lately: “If you can’t see it, you can’t fix it.” Sometimes I get frustrated,