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One of my favorite women is someone I’ve never met in-person. Until we spoke on the phone, I’ve known Sandra Sallin only from the comments we leave on one another’s blogs and Instagram accounts. Even so, her joie de vivre and determination to live life to the fullest, regardless of what’s placed in her path, comes shining through.

“I feel the urge to do whatever adventure comes my way, now, while I can.”

Sandra Sallin, 78, wasn’t raised to be an adventurer, but she’s determined and she knows how to take chances. Her parents escaped Russia before she was born so perhaps it’s in her soul and part of her DNA. While she lived a protected life as a child, Sandy Sallin seizes life by the reins whether it’s as an actress, a skier, an acclaimed artist or a gourmet cook—she studied with Jacque Pepin—plus she didn’t start her blog, Apart From My Art, until she was 72.

Sandy was perfect for all of the commercials she was in like this one for Folger’s Coffee.

Sandy as “Bubbles” in this Canada Dry commercial. You’ll recognize a couple of the other actresses.

Sandy on the Food Network’s Clash of the Grandmas.

With the show’s host, Cameron Mathison.

Two years ago Sandy Sallin was one of the contestants on the Food Network’s Clash of the Grandmas. While Sandy’s always been an adventurous woman, she’s also had a debilitating fear.

Earlier this year, after her fourth, painful thoracic surgery—that took out ribs and severed nerves in order to remove rare, recurring growths on her ribs and near her heart and lungs—Sandy had an ah-ha moment.

“I’m brave. If I can walk in there and have these painful surgeries… I can do anything!”

It was at that moment she’s kicked her fear of traveling to the curb. 

Sandy just took a trip from Los Angeles to NYC with her daughter and grandchildren. Because she was only two months out from her fourth difficult surgery in five years, Sandy was afraid she wouldn’t have enough energy to keep up with them, but it was just the opposite. She had an overwhelming desire to go and see and do everything. Now she and her husband, Bob, are planning a trip to England this fall.

Sandy and her husband, Bob Sallin, Producer of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and producer and director of numerous feature films, TV shows and commercials, including Tom Selleck’s first commercial for Safeguard Soap.

Bob Sallin has always loved the Spitfire, the British plane that won the Battle of Britain in World War II, and he’s always wanted to fly in one. After her last surgery the idea of flying low over the cliffs of Dover spoke to Sandy as well so, this fall, both of them will take their turn, flying in the backseat of this historic plane. This from a woman who wouldn’t ride on a roller coaster and was afraid of traveling and flying across the ocean.

Sandy and Bob have been married and in love for 58 years! Ari Seth Cohen featured them in his third bestseller, Advanced Love.

On my last blog, Inspiration From Women Over 70, I mentioned Cher can hold a plank position for over two minutes. Sandy left me a comment: “Before my last surgery I was doing three planks for 45 seconds each. I was just beginning. Now I need to start all over again.” Somehow I don’t think starting over will discourage her.

Sandy is an acclaimed artist

Sandy’s painting “Melasti” being photographed for the Museum of Contemporary Arts catalog for their show, “Pattern and Decoration,” starting in October, 2019. The show will subsequently travel the country.

Almost every day many of us are starting over with something whether it’s a diet or an exercise program, or setting aside time for ourselves or to meditate or pray. Regardless of where we find ourselves in our process of starting… or starting over…

Don’t be discouraged, and don’t give up. Maybe we just need to change the way we do things, or like Sandra Sallin, the way we think about things.

One of the biggest battles we’ll ever face is the battle with ourselves. We know what buttons to push to justify our behavior and if we fail, we convince ourselves it didn’t matter… but it does.

This is the only shot at life we get, the only body we have. Make the most of what you’ve been given. Make life count.

“Don’t put things off for tomorrow,” Sandy said. “Grab it now. You’re never sorry for the things you’ve done, only for the things you haven’t done.”

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  1. Great profile of Sandra. She is a remarkable woman who is a survivor. I have always said, I have never met a one note woman, and Sandra is a perfect example. Kudos.

  2. A delight and an inspiration! Thanks for introducing us to Sandra, and for the encouragement that it’s never toolate to start something new.

  3. What a great post Brenda. I have followed Sandra’s blog and enjoyed her writing, but I had no idea she was such an inspiration. I loved seeing her old commercials and I am amazed at all the different arenas where Sandra shared her talents. But the most impressive one is the way she embraces each age with her engaging, adventurous spirit… a spirit that compels me to continue to reach for the stars in my own life.

    • Hi Pat, Isn’t Sandy a GREAT role model? She’s inspired me in so many ways and is a good example about how fun and rewarding it is to dip our toes into different waters and try new things. Of course she’s amazingly talented, but still… She makes me remember to always gather my courage and my sense of adventure as I move through life. We never know what awaits us! xoxox, Brenda

  4. AFRAID of TRAVEL???????
    I love the COMMERCIALS and can remember a couple from my youth which MAKES HER EVEN MORE SPECIAL TO ME!
    SHE is SO WITH IT and runs CIRCLES around me in the ENERGY DEPARTMENT!!!!!!!
    She even knows a couple of ROYALS!!!!!!!

    • Contessa, I have a hunch everyone who knows Sandy considers themselves lucky. There’s a photo of her I saw somewhere… Instagram or maybe her blog… that I love. It’s black and white and Bob has on a tux and Sandy has short silver hair and is smiling and animated… it’s what I know of her in a nutshell… and Bob’s looking at her with rapt adoration. I think of that photo often. xoxox, Brenda

    • Thank you, thank you for that delicious comment. I’d like everyone to know we met because of her blog. I started reading her blog and couldn’t stop. Suddenly she comes down to LA,. We have lunch, discover we’re soul mates and here we are best buddies. BFFS!!!

  5. Brenda, you’ve just posted about one of my absolute favorite people. She won me over when I found her blog. And when I met her in person it was love the minute we saw each other’s lipstick color. Like Elizabeth, I didn’t know about the fear of travel and I had no idea about the plank! I’ll try my first one today and hope to get to five seconds. Love to you both and here’s to daring!

    • Brenda, I’m envious you and Elizabeth have met Sandy. She and I and Bob have a wowie zowie destination planned for our first meeting, and I’m over the moon excited about it. Isn’t it wonderful we can find one another online and KNOW we’re members of the same tribe? Just amazing! Yes, work on your plank position. It’s one of the best things we can do to strengthen our core which will help us keep from falling as we get older. Love seeing you here!!! xoxox, Brenda

    • When Brenda and I met it was love at first sight. We just immediately connected. She is not only salt of the earth but such a good writer and stylist. She’s got it all. Creativity, warmth and talent all rolled into one. Thank you. I can see I’ve got to write about my fears on my blog and start doing those planks again.

  6. I just love Sandra and have followed her blog for several years. She is an inspiration and she is always up to a challenge. I especially admire that she and her hubby have been married 58 years…amazing for “Hollywood” couples!

    • Hi Karen, From what I’ve gathered, they’re not what you think of when you hear the words “Hollywood marriage.” They adore one another and are grounded by love and family and knowing what matters in life. Thanks for reading and commenting. I appreciate it. Brenda

    • Ha! Isn’t that funny. I don’t see myself as a Hollywood couple. Bottom line, being married anywhere for 58 years takes work no matter what you do or where you live. We’re lucky in that we’re both open to working on our marriage. To be honest, I’ve got a great supportive and loving husband. Thanks for following me.

  7. How I love this post and the spirit of Sandra! Her smile says it all and jumps across the pages like a warm hug!
    Lucky are those to call her friend IRL! Lucky am I to be a loyal follower on IG!
    Looking forward to more inspiration from Sandra!

    • Hi Trudye, You nailed it when you wrote about her megawatt smile! Early on when I started following her blog posts and her IG account she pulled me in with that smile and her beautiful eyes that told me she was the genuine article… and someone I wanted to know better. Thanks for the comment. I know she will appreciate it. Brenda

    • OMG! I wasn’t replying in the right place. See I really don’t have it all together. Sorry this is kinda late.My children and grandchildren have been visiting. When they are here, I’m all theirs. I rarely touch the computer. But I do thank you for following me and commenting. I adore this post! I’m starting with a new doctor and I’m going to send her this post so she can get to know me. I think it says it all! Thank you again Brenda.

  8. Oh my gosh, this was so good! Sandra is an inspiration. This was such a delight. Loved all the photos and videos too!

  9. What an interesting and inspiring woman Sandra is! I really enjoyed reading about all her adventures and the ones still to come. I hope I’m living life that well when I hit my 70’s – I think I need to get a move on if I want to get anywhere near her level of living life to the full!

    • Leanne, Isn’t that the truth? I feel the same way. I have a lot of catching up to be half as accomplished as Sandra. Thanks for leaving us… me and Sandy… a note. xoxox, Brenda

    • Oh, I’m laughing at myself. Leanne, I think I responded to you in another reply. Bottom line. I place my hand out flat so that what ever falls there I can grab. I now say yes to everything! Im just doing it. Except for exercising more. That’s an area I need to work on. Got any ideas? I was doing so well, then I had a difficult surgery and it’s hard to get back to it.

  10. Thank you for this! I also knew her only from the blog world, where she shows up as a chic presence. I didn’t know about the commercials or the cooking show. She is a dynamo! And now a role model.

    • TOF, Sandra is chic! Always! And she makes it look easy and attainable, no pretense or airy fairy baubles. A dynamo and a role model for all women. Thank you very much for your great comment. xoxox, Brenda

  11. Great profile on a great go-getter! Sandy’s painting stopped me in my tracks. I’m dying to know more. Is she self-taught? Does she work on more than one canvas at a time? Is she a water colorist only? (Hoping she’ll see my questions and elucidate!) Thanks Brenda! Off to follow her now on Instagram.

    • Hi Mithra, I’m glad you enjoyed getting to know a little bit about Sandy. She’s a special woman. I included a bit about her art. It’s in the red text under the first photo of her painting. “Sandy is an acclaimed artist.”xoxox, Brenda

    • Thank you for being so interested in my art. I was promising I would write more about it. But you might start here:

      I am not self taught I studied paining at UCLA and graduated with a Fine Arts Degree. I then never stoped painting.My medium is oil not water color. The reason you think it’s water color is because of the light I let shine through so you think it is the white of the paper when in fact it is the white of the canvas. I only work and obsess on one piece of work at a time. Thus it’s one drawing or one painting at a time. It’s also one petal or one leaf at a time. Happy to answer any more questions. Thanks for being so interested.

  12. Excellent! Thoroughly enjoyed this post. I think one of the things that comes with age is the ability to overcome fear. It’s like, well I’ve made it this far and I’m still here. I didn’t die from embarrassment from appearing stupid in high school. My life wasn’t ruined when I got laid off / fired/ divorced. So now, it’s time to fly.

    • So wise, Michelle. We can all think of dozens of things we thought were stupid or mortifying at the time, but we’re still here, and most everyone we know has forgotten them. It either didn’t register with them like it did with us and/or they had their own embarrassing moments they were thinking about. We’re not at the age when we should LIVE LIFE OUT LOUD AND ENJOY IT!! Thank you for your awesome insight, Brenda

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