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Tips to Beat the Winter Blues


It’s still winter here in New York City. Even though it’s been a mild one, I still find that I’m stir crazy and waiting for spring. Little purple crocuses were just starting to bloom in Central Park, and then we got hit with a ton of snow. So discouraging.

I’ve had to find ways to keep my mind happy while being alone in the big city. Normally when it’s nice outside, I can go for long walks or head over to Central Park and hang with a wonderful collection of human beings, but it’s cold outside! I need a change of plans!

Being self-employed and having my own hours to get stuff done leaves a lot of wiggle time to juggle things around. I’m happiest when I stay on top of things, and I’m disciplined with my time and tasks. I also have to watch what I eat while I’m cooped up during these winter months. It would be way too easy to sit back and hibernate while shoveling in more food than I need. Don’t you love that verb, “shoveling?”

I love going to my health club and have been spinning a lot. Not only does the fellowship of a class help me, but I love the competition and the knowledge I’m burning a ton of calories. Since I have to sign up a day early, I find that I look forward to working around my spin class and organize it around all my other activities.

I have a spa tip for you called hydrotherapy. After my work out, I hit the steam room, then head to the showers to get clean. I use that time to also stimulate my lymphatic system.

After the steam room I’m super hot, so I first turn on the cold water for 30 seconds. This helps me pump and circulate my lymph system, removes waste products and helps my immune system kick into action. Also I turn on the cold water three times, for 30 seconds each, in-between my shower, shampoo and conditioning. When I come out of the shower I feel vibrant!

Our lymphatic system plays a vital role in removing waste products we’re exposed to daily. Don’t get me started about all of the toxins around us! The hydrotherapy also helps me have healthier hair, glowing skin, less stress and improved energy levels. BONUS!

When it’s cold out, I love to have tea in the afternoon. I’ve found an interesting tea called Jiaogulan that claims to be the herb of immortality. I can’t make those claims—and wonder who can—but I do like the taste and how it makes me feel although it doesn’t have caffeine.

So, if you’re struggling with the winter blues, you might try stimulating yourself in one of the ways I’ve mentioned. Stay disciplined, and let me know how you do! You are not alone!

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5 thoughts on “Tips to Beat the Winter Blues”

  1. The hydrotherapy sounds heavenly, though I don’t think that’s in my future at the moment. I do recall spending time in the steam room in Russia when I was a teenager though. That was many moons ago on a trip with some students, and we wound up singing songs – strangers – relaxing in its own way!

    On the other hand, just thinking about walking around New York City, even if it is a bit chilly, makes me feel good. For those of us who love the city but don’t live there, when a few years have gone by without a visit, we can feel the pull to return. Beyond that, the recommendation for a cup of tea in the afternoon sounds just delightful. I’m putting that on my list for tomorrow. And the day after. And the day after. Yes, the benefits of working from home and managing one’s own time.

    Lovely place to visit. I must come back more often.

  2. Ever since chemotherapy–and I began “running out of estrogen”–my hair’s gotten thinner. The last thing I do before I get out of the shower is rinse my scalp in cold water. It’s resulted in less hair loss. One of my doctors theorized the cold water might be closing the hair follicles, making them less likely to fall out. Even if it keeps just a few hairs from falling out, at this stage, I’ll keep doing it. xoxox, Brenda

  3. This sounds just like me. After a work out and sauna, I take a cold shower. Another tip to help with lymphatic drainage is to hang upside down.

  4. Or do an upside down yoga pose, by laying on your back and putting your feet in the air for 60 seconds. It relaxes you to go upside down, as it changes your circulation and helps the lymphatic system.

  5. I am always inspired by what you write, thank you! We are living very paralleled lives so it helps me to read about your experiences and self discoveries.

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