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Doreen McGettigan

Before we learned the harmful effects of the sun, as kids, we played outside until the street lights came on. Now we reach for sunscreen and big, floppy hats. Now that Doreen McGettigan's been diagnosed with SAD, the doctor's prescription is to go outside and play!
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Being alone is often mistakenly confused with being lonely. The truth is, being alone simply means there is no one
Sometimes it takes an accident to realize rushing doesn't buy us time, but instead, wastes our time. An accident helped

“Are you phubbing me?” he asked with a bit of attitude. I didn’t look up right away because I had

If you’ve read Doreen McGettigan’s blogs on 1010ParkPlace then you know her life hasn’t been easy. She was sexually abused

They say everyone has a story, and I believe this is true. I also understand everyone doesn’t want to tell

My favorite fall sweater had several loose threads when I packed it away last spring, but I wasn’t ready to