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Last week I met Diana Ross at her 75th Diamond Jubilee Birthday concert at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas. Twice during the concert she took two fingers to her eyes and then pointed them at me in an “I see you” gesture. I was in the fifth row center, end seat and was standing and singing most of the time, so I’m not surprised she could see me. Toward the end of the concert she answered a couple of questions from the audience, and then motioned for me to come up to the edge of the stage. 

Over the microphone Diana Ross said to me, “Did you see me looking at you? I like your dress.”

Honest… I have two legs. The other one is against the wall and hidden by my skirt.

She smiled and handed me the microphone. I said, “Yes,” and thanked her and told her, “I dressed for you.”

Not wanting to babble on, but in keeping with the clothing “thread” she’d already started, I said, “Your stage wardrobe is so fabulous. What do you wear when you’re not performing?” to which she said, “Nothing,” and the audience went wild! She then took my hand and smiled, as if to say, “I’m just kidding.” It was a fun moment. A great present for my 70th birthday!

Takeaway? Always look your best. You never know who you’re going to meet!

Because my Instagram audience has waited a week to see what I wore—and they’ve already seen one of Miss Ross’s dresses—I’m featuring my dress today on Fashion Friday, but tomorrow, Saturday, come back and read Brenda’s Blog to see Diana Ross’s wardrobe changes and her surprise guest.

My outfit is a compilation of old and new pieces… some very meaningful to me.

In one of last month’s Fashion Friday posts, “Over 60 and Still Tweaking My Style,” I featured this pink tulle, silver sequin skirt from Needle & Thread and mentioned I was wearing it to see Diana Ross. I love how the light subtly catches the sequins. It’s understated and elegant.

I adjusted the contrast on the photo of the jacket so you could get a better view of the detail, but it still doesn’t do it justice. 🙁 It’s exquisite!

My 15-year-old Ellie Tahari jacket came with a matching pair of black pants. The intricate details down the front and on the collar and cuffs are what makes it special. I knew it would be an elegant pairing with the tulle skirt. Both have a lot of detail, but they don’t fight one another. Here I’ve fastened the small hooks and eyes and am wearing a nude camisole underneath… should the hooks come undone. Sometimes I wear the jacket open with a long-sleeved blouse with beautiful cuffs that peer out from the end of the sleeves.

I featured my silver, Fabiana Filippi oxfords in an April, Fashion Friday post, Six Tips: After 50 Call Us Glamma.” Silver shoes of any kind—sneakers, flats, espadrilles or heels—are considered a neutral and go with almost everything. These are flat and comfortable to walk in, yet dressy enough for this outfit. Also I would wear them with a white jacket and white pants, even blue jeans and a white shirt. Anytime you want to add some panache!

Photograph by Brenda Coffee, ©2019

My jewelry is a mix of high/low. Clockwise are: two, 24k gold, Gurhan necklaces. One has a ruby briolette. I bought them as a reward for getting through 10 breast cancer surgeries, 8 rounds of chemo and a lifetime of fear, and I wear them every day so the “cost per wear ratio” is very low. (If I bought something very expensive and rarely wore it, it would have a high “cost per wear” ratio… but I wouldn’t buy anything like that.) 

I love these $12 glass earrings from H&M, also featured in the “Call Us Glamma” post. Next, linked together in this photo is my diamond wedding band—after James died I had it resized and wear it on the middle finger of my left hand—and the gold and diamond Paul Morelli bracelet I bought at Bergdorf’s five years ago as a reward for a huge personal achievement. Like my Gurhan necklaces, I wear it every day, even to the gym, so the cost per wear ratio is low. Then there are my two Julie Vos bracelets… I get so many comments about them, and everyone thinks they’re more expensive than they are. And in the middle is my grandmother’s Art Deco rhinestone and pearl pin. She had the best pins, and I think of her strength and how much she loved me whenever I wear them.

Would you have dressed up to see Diana Ross? Many women were there in their mow the lawn clothes and flip flops. Seriously? It’s the Wynn Hotel’s beautiful intimate theater! It’s Diana Ross! The gorgeous, glamorous Diana Ross! How can you not dress up? I realize this isn’t the Rat Pack days when everyone dressed when they came to Vegas, but color me clueless on this one. Have we gotten so casual that women no longer enjoy looking pretty?

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64 thoughts on “DIANA ROSS LIKED MY DRESS”

  1. You have class, style, and an incredible “mix and match, shop your closet” sensibility. I loved your description of underdressed concert goers as wearing their “mow-the-lawn” clothes. Although I wouldn’t have dressed as elegantly as you did to see Diana, I definitely would have upped my fashion ante for the occasion!

  2. I love this story – and the outfit!! Of course you should get dressed for the occasion and what fun to be called up. I’m tempted by the skirt but postage is a killer to Australia.

    • Christine, Maybe you could google “pink tulle midi skirt” and find one where they have free postage. I don’t know if some of the online sites have free shipping and returns to and from Australia. Have you checked the return policy for the skirt I have shown here? Thanks for reading and leaving me a comment. xoxox, Brenda

  3. You’re such a hoot, with a ton of style. I love that you had this experience!! You look fabulous and I’m inspired by your post!

    • Carol, I loved hearing from you, and thank you so much! I’d love to be able to add “I’m a hoot” to my resume!! Thanks so much sweet lady! xoxox, Brenda

  4. Love this! Oprah asked me if she could have my umbrella. It was not raining.
    I was visiting Harpo Studios in Chicago and we fell into a fun bit of chat. She commented on my leopard print umbrella and asked if she could have it.
    Can you imagine?
    I told her that from here on this would be my Oprah umbrella. The one thing I owned – that Oprah wanted – and couldn’t have. We had a good laugh.

  5. That is serious fashionista cred when Miss Ross calls you up to compliment your outfit! I can see why. I love your high/ low, New/old sensibility
    Happy Birthday and welcome to the 7 th decade! May it be a good one!

  6. You looked spectacular, Brenda! Of course I’d dress up… its Diana Ross! It’s The Wynn!
    I’m so glad she picked you out of the crowd, what a great experience for you both!

  7. What a lovely story and way to celebrate 70! You really know how to combine pieces to make a smashing outfit. No wonder she noticed you!

  8. Love Elie Tahari jackets and tops. I have a leather trimmed spring coat/blazer that I haul out to wear with dressy black pants when I need it. It’s from 2010, and still in great shape. Glad you enjoyed your birthday surprise, Brenda.

    • Sue, Since we have such similar taste in the brands we love and style, I’m not surprised you, too, have an Elie Tahari jacket. Just love his clothes. xoxox, Brenda

  9. Diana Ross knows class when she sees it! You have so much style and I love how you mix it up. I would never go to a concert in flip-flops and a t-shirt with worn out jeans. Sadly, I’ve seen it, though. Since I’m ‘technically’ retired, the only time I get to dress up is going out for dinner and/or a show. It’s not that difficult to fix ourselves up occasionally, and I know you agree! Kudos to Ms. Ross for bringing you up to share with everyone else!

  10. Love, love this story. Yes, you do look fabulous. I understand why Diana Ross would single you out. When I go to Vegas I’m amazed how people look like they could be in their yard, watering the lawn. Embarrassing and no excuse. So glad she pointed you out. Maybe some people in the audience will take the hint. Stunning is what you are. Great taste in everything.

  11. I am a total flop when I try to be fashionable. Growing up in a house-full of men didn’t help me, but I’m not good at putting stuff together…especially myself.

    • Rena, What if you find a look online or in a magazine and set out to duplicate it? On Fashion Fridays I’ve been giving tips on putting together outfits you can build on year after year until you have a wardrobe of things that look great on you. xoxox, Brenda

  12. What a lovely compliment from a glamorous icon. I also was disappointed by the not stylish women (and men) in Las Vegas. Your skirt will be very versatile for different functions. Love, love your Julie Vos bracelets.

    • Colleen, I, too, love my Julie Vos bracelets. They look great with everything! I’m looking forward to building new looks around this skirt. Thanks for reading and leaving me a comment. I appreciate you! xoxox, Brenda

  13. Oh Brenda how fun! I’m not at all surprised that Diana noticed your ethereal glow! I love the skirt and think it would be smashing with a nice tight well-worn denim jacket.

    • Hi Mithra! What a sweet compliment. Thank you very much! I love the idea of a tight fitting denim jacket!! Yes!!! I don’t have one so I must start looking! Thanks for the idea. xoxox, Brenda

  14. Oh my gosh Brenda! That’s incredible! I’m not surprised she noticed you. You have an elegant chic style that sets you apart. Ms Ross knows a Style Sister when she one!

  15. Getting dressed up is still so much fun. What always surprises me is that other women will ask, “Why are you all dressed up?” What would you say?

    Loved the clothes and the Diana Ross story. Congratulations! 🙂


    • Barbara, I hear that as well from women… “Why are you so dressed up?” Some of my friends no longer say that. I schlep around the house and work in the yard in workout clothes. When I go out I want to look nice. It makes me feel good! xoxox, Brenda

  16. ALL I CAN ADD IS WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!!!
    OF COURSE I WOULD DRESS FOR DIANA!I DID JUST THAT A FEW YEARS AGO when I saw her in CONCERT in LIVERMORE at a winery outdoor Venue!BUT to be POINTED AT not ONCE BUT TWICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!THEN asked to walk up to the STAGE!!!!!!!!!
    HOLY MOLY!!!!!!!!!
    ALL I can add is YOU need to visit SANDRA SALLIN as she lives up the HILL from MADAME ROSS so she can point out her HOUSE TO YOU!
    THAT would be the FROSTING on THE CAKE!!!
    CONGRATULATIONS on TURNING 70 and making it THROUGH ALL those operations!!!
    BY the way SANDRA wrote a BEAUTIFUL POST on ACCESSORIES did YOU see it!!!!!!!
    Name of her blog is APART FROM MY ART!

    • Elizabeth, Sandy said she sees Miss Ross at “the market” sometimes. I’d like to know what she wears to go grocery shopping. Actually I’m kind of surprised she does her own grocery shopping. Thanks so much for the kind words. I had a blast. Here’s to strong women and long lives!! xoxox, Brenda PS: I saw your blog post and Sandy and Cindy’s as well. Great job!!!

  17. Oh you lucky girl! Years ago, in the early 90’s she walked into my gallery. I about fell over. Her hair was so long and glorious and she had on this fab floor length wispy goddessy dress. So, so gazelle thin. Well, she looked like some exotic queen and I her very grateful subject. Truly lovely lady and my God what a talent. How old is she now?

    • Artwilla, Oh to have seen her back in the day!! She was reed thin then. I think she looks much better now, and she’s 75!!! So amazing!!! Thanks so much, Brenda

  18. Wow, Brenda! I swear you never have a boring day! I can’t think of a better way to begin your seventh decade! Cheers!

    • Hi Terry!! I’m never bored, that’s for sure, and never have been. Maybe that’s because I’m an only child and good at entertaining myself. Even when I’m alone… which is 90% of the time… I’m happy and busy and grateful to still be here! Oh, and then there’s my sweet Annie who’s always good company. xoxox, Brenda

  19. What a night! Singled out by the glamorous Miss Ross because you’re fabulous and set yourself apart from the shabbily dressed crowd. No doubt she appreciated the care you took to dress for the occasion which is a sign of respect for yourself and for her. I may be guilty of running to the grocery store looking like a schlub, but never would I attend such a event looking like I’d just mowed the lawn. Thank you for pointing out again how we must take more care in how we present ourselves to the world. And, Happy 70th Birthday! Did I mention you looked (are) fabulous! xo

    • Thank you, Juliet. I appreciate your compliments and well wishes. I have no doubt that when you go out to attend an event you look wonderful. Our culture has gotten so casual… I think we need to be reminded to take time to appreciate ourselves. It gives me a boost when I know I look nice. xoxox, Brenda

  20. O. M. G. Brenda!! What a delight! You did (and do) look fabulous! Love your hair! Lovely ensemble, and I love that you shared your accessories and their meaning. It was not just your dress that caught her eye; it was how you wore it and the joy you exuded! What a fun birthday! How sweet of you to defer to her when she complimented your dress instead of saying it was your birthday. So glad God gave you that sweet gift for a birthday surprise! May it be the beginning of a decade full of His blessing and joy! Girl, you did look fabulous! Happy birthday!

    • Thank you, sweet lady! I adore your kind comments. Yes… talking to Diana Ross wasn’t about me. It was about letting her know how much she’s valued and appreciated and I wanted her to know that because I did “dress for her.” Thank you for the birthday wishes! Love, Brenda

    • Hi Anti Bugs! It was a wonderful experience, and thanks so much for reading and letting me know you enjoyed it. That makes me feel good because I’m here for you! Brenda

  21. What a great Birthday Treat! How fabulous. I would of course expect you to indeed look fabulous and evidently Miss Ross thought so too!

  22. Well, a couple of things. Did anyone snap a photo of you on the stage????? How glorious. So Ms. Ross wears black to the market. Not only do I see her at Gelsons wearing an all black outfit. I also see her at our local Farmers’ Market. Again in all black. I am usually so gobsmacked I don’t take the outfit apart. I just get the impression. Nothing flashy or showy. Simple almost severe is the word. I also don’t want to make her uncomfortable by staring. So it’s a quick stare and an OMG to myself and then move on. It sure is fun to see her though. I’m amazed also that she does her own marketing!

    • Sandy, No! I don’t have a photo of us together. Inquiring minds want to know… Does she have BIG Diana Ross hair at the market; is her hair covered? I was standing right in front of her and it didn’t look like a wig, but at 75… Nobody has that much hair. I’m thinking she was wearing a wig. xoxox, Brenda

    • Thank you, Carol. I love the word “frock.” It makes even the ordinary dress sound lovely. Great to see you here. I appreciate your stopping by and leaving me a comment. xoxox, Brenda

  23. Love it. Love the tulle with the jacket. With the shoes, jewelry. Perfect style. I recently bought some earth brand (not the old really low heel kind) white platform sneakers with black and white laces and silver heel. I also bought some gold tennys. Both on sale. They are basics!

    • Leisa, Those sound like my kind of basic shoes! I’ve worn my silver platform slip-on sneakers in the yard to garden… dumb… so I don’t want to wear them out. I want to look for another pair, so this is just the reminder I need! Thanks you! xoxox, Brenda

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