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My inbox is filling up with emails from retailers regarding Fashion Week. It doesn’t matter if it’s in London, Paris or New York City. I just don’t get it. I don’t understand the wacky makeup and hairstyles. I don’t understand the reasoning behind the weird shoes and clothes that designers will not sell. Why not just show off their new line of what women will actually wear?

How did it get to be like this, and when did it go from glamorous to wacky?  

London Fashion Week

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I would much rather see an elegant fashion show along the lines of this one for St. John’s Spring 2016 Collection from Nordstrom.  How about you?

Red Carpet Re-do! Bobbie Thomas Tweaks Oscar Red Carpet Looks

Oscar Gowns


I am not a big fan of watching the Oscars, but I do enjoy seeing the current fashions. I also enjoyed Bobbie Thomas’s tweaks of some of the Oscar gowns on The Today Show. She showed actresses in their gowns and then switched their dresses. What I liked about this piece was that it was a reminder to think outside of our comfort zone. If you normally wear black or a certain style, don’t overlook other options that may suit you.

16 Iconic Oscar Dresses Reimagined as Flower Girl Illustrations

16 Iconic Oscar Dresses Reimagined as Flower Girl Illustrations


Speaking of Oscar fashion, I loved this creative collection from Town & Country magazine, 16 Oscar Dresses Reimagined as Flower Girl Illustrations. It’s just entertaining to see creative minds at work.


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