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Have you ever been put in the awkward position of telling someone they need to blow their nose, or they have spinach in their teeth? While that can make us, and them, feel uncomfortable, it’s not as difficult as handing your business partner a pair of tweezers and asking her to pluck her chin hairs… Now. 

She had a crop of hairs on her chin that stuck straight out, but it was the ones that looked like curly fries that bothered me most. 

The morning I handed her the tweezers we were on our way to meet with a venture capitalist. That was the day we needed to look our best and be on top of our game. For a long time I kept thinking, “Tomorrow she will have plucked them. Surely she knows they’re there, or why hasn’t her husband told her she has a spiraled forest growing out of her chin?” A year passed, and I said nothing… until that morning. BTW, I know something about chin hair because I have a few wayward hairs of my own.

It’s not my chin hairs that are my biggest problem but the fur that grows on my face. And I know from looking at other women that “our fur” really stands out when it’s backlit by the sun or the lamp on the table next to us. Grrrrr… So what do we do about it?

While some women bleach their facial hair, they still have fur and a mustache. It’s just blonde. Many aestheticians and dermatologists offer “dermaplaning” which uses a tiny scalpel to remove the hairs on your face. The procedure is also considered an exfoliant, and it costs between $85 to $150 per session.

Hello!! That’s called shaving! Men do it everyday, but if you pay someone else that much to shave your face… You’ve got more money and time than you know what to do with.

For the last 10 years I’ve been shaving my face, once a week, in the shower. I’ve never cut myself and no… Shaving doesn’t make your hair grow back darker or coarser. Here’s everything you need to know about shaving:

  • Buy yourself a good razor and a cartridge of extra blades, the kind men use, not those little pink razors for women, disposable razors or those cheap “twinkle blades.” Change the cartridge often, and DON’T use it on your legs!
  • Until you get comfortable shaving your face, you may want to look in the mirror. I don’t use shaving cream because it doesn’t allow me to see or feel the contours of my face. Instead I use one of the gentle Aveeno Moisturizing Body Washes–I use on my body–and water.
  • Gently shave in a downward motion along the sides of your face, cheeks, upper and lower lip, chin and neck area. Where ever you have hair. Go slow if you’re nervous.
  • When you’re more comfortable, you can do it in the shower. I shave in the shower, have never used a mirror, and have never cut myself.
  • Follow with a non alcohol toner and moisturize as usual. There’s nothing else you need to do. Your makeup will glide on effortlessly.

Almost nine years ago I did a video about shaving for my former site. Over the years the video quality has been compromised, but it was shot in the oldest barbershop in Texas, and it’s a hoot. Would you believe I equated shaving your face to petting a cat? LOL!

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  1. I’ve wondered what to do wth the hairs that refuse to grow on my head and instead insist on shifting to the south. My late MIL used a rechargeable razor. You always have a charming way of addressing the issues of well-seasoned women.

    • Thank you Donna! “Well-seasoned women” I haven’t heard that term. A high school friend insists on calling us “elderly!!” Drives me crazy, but then I think that’s why he does that. Boys! xoxo, Brenda

  2. I have had this conversation with my hairdresser and facialist and asked them both if they would tell a client if they noticed any stray hairs. My hairstylist said no – she would be too embarrassed (she’s also young and hasn’t gotten to that stray hair age). The facialist, on the other hand, said she now always asks. She used to just pluck them until one woman was furious because she liked the three little hairs that grew out of a mole on her chin! LOL to each their own!

    • She like those hairs? Oh, my! Reminds me of a bus I was on in Belize. The Chinese gentleman onboard had a big mole on his chin with three black hairs. Together with his long fingernails, he was quite a site! Thanks, Cindy, Brenda

  3. My sister uses a hair remover similar to Neet but for faces. It works wonderfully and last a little longer. I didn’t ask her the brand. When she was in the hospital recovering from major surgery she needed it done and a nurse offered to help. Unfortunately, the brand the nurse picked up was very strong and burned my sister’s face. She then had the embarrassment of telling the doctor on call why her face was red & sore. Why do some women get facial hair when most do not!

    • HI Joanna, I’m not sure about the answer to your question but from observation, most women of a certain age at least have fur on their face. Like most of the rude things that happen to our bodies as we age, it’s lack of estrogen… The fountain of youth! Yes, we need to be careful with hair removal creams. Anything that will do that…. If you looked up the ingredients, I bet you don’t want those chemicals being absorbed into my blood stream. Thanks for telling us, Brenda

  4. I’ve been shaving my face and arms for 35 years. First I used bleach but that was super messy and as you said, didn’t really do the trick. Shaving is simple, fast and so easy since I’m already in the shower. Highly recommend!!

    • Wow! Shaving your arms as well. I hadn’t considered that might be a problem. What a lot of work, Sally! The things we do to look better! My biggest problem is my brows and forehead has fallen, so I “raise” my eyebrows, but I can’t do it too much, or I have this perpetual look of surprise on my face. And… my eyes then look wide open. It looks stupid!! LOL! Vanity! I appreciate you, Sally. Brenda

  5. Oh my Darling Brenda! You are a Saint for revealing this! What courage! Well, I have been waxing my sideburns for years and now this has increased to down the sides of my neck under the ears, across the throat, the chin and upper lip. I do notice the little stubbly bits as it grows out – they are blonde with a red glint as I’m a ginger – and I often have this debate with myself – is the hair free look better and does anyone notice my stubble if I’m in the wrong light – i.e., standing with the sun on my face and they are with their back to the sun – or should I just let nature take over and become the Hairy Goat Woman. Because believe me, I would be very hairy. I often look at middle aged women with their fuzz all standing out, even with makeup, and no matter how lovely their face, my eye is drawn to the sides of their faces with the hair. Not very attractive. What’s with that? Do they just not know? I think they know, they just don’t realise that they can do anything about it. I am so pleased to know that I can SHAVE! Because the waxing takes me about 10 mins and I find I have to do it weekly now, and some weeks, I runout of time and it grows out more than I am comfortable with, so shaving quickly is a good option. I have a short pixie hair style, and I need to shave the back of my neck regularly too, so I am not unfamiliar with using a blade near my face.

    Ah BC you are always a breath of real air for us women! Much love and Happy Shaving! TJ XXXXXXXX

    • Dear TJ, I recently saw a professional headshot of a VERY FAMOUS woman of a certain age we all adore, and she had fur on her face! Shocked me no end that someone didn’t tell her that. Actually it ticked me off! So to answer your question, no… We don’t want to be Hairy Goat Woman! My facial hair is exactly where yours is, but waxing sounds like such a pain, plus doesn’t it have to be a certain length before it does its job? Happy Shaving to you as well my friend! xoxox, Brenda

  6. I LOVED the pic at the beginning of the post Brenda – it gave me my smile for the day 🙂 I haven’t had this problem yet, but I am storing away this info for when the inevitable happens – it’s nice to know that if I shave my face down the track, I won’t look like your post’s cover pic and there won’t be stubble resulting from the process.

    • Hi Leanne! No stubble or coarser, darker hair. All myths! Here’s hoping you’ll be one of the lucky women who won’t have this problem. As always, great to see you here! xoxo, Brenda

  7. Remember a movie from long ago, a daughter-in-law with mother-in-law, they didn’t get along too well. With advancing time/age the daughter-in-law would pluck the chin hairs for her mother-in-law. Quite, oddly, moving.

    My mom has been ill a bit this year & I’ve helped her keep her chin hairs plucked. She asked me to help her.

    More recently mom had to go into skilled nursing for a few weeks, I was saddened to see mom’s chin hairs numerous & long when I flew to visit. Sister lives close & helps her greatly. Alas, a new feeling, one of ‘alert’. Seeing mom’s chin hairs, to me, says to the nursing/caregiving staff her family does not take good care of their mother.

    Glad to know about the shaving. Will bring razor next visit.

    Thank you for writing about this topic. Have not seen it covered anywhere. GO BRENDA !!!

    Garden & Be Well, XO T

    • Hi Tara, I remember our talks when you were at your mom’s and she was having trouble. So hard being the caregiver. Think I told you my mom was in a dementia facility. While I believe she got great care, there’s only so much they have time to do for 30 women. Wondering if this facility had a beauty shop on site? My mother’s did, and they also gave her manicures and pedicures, weekly when she got her hair done. If she’d had a problem with chin hairs, I know I could have asked, and they would have taken care of it. xoxo, Brenda

  8. My co-worker had chin hairs an inch long! What’s with that?!
    Yep. I’ve graduated to shaving in the shower as well. With no injuries to date . . .

    • Diane, That’s like my former business partner! They have to know those hairs are there!! I can’t imagine why they don’t do something about it unless they’re embarrassed to go for a wax, tell their husband, friend. Even if they are… and it’s embarrassing… I know… It’s more embarrassing to walk around that way. Perhaps they lack pride. Shaving in the shower… Easy peasy! Glad to know that works for you, too. Brenda

  9. I NEEDED TO HERE THIS because I think the WAXING creates WRINKLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I call waxing TORTURE!!!!!!!!!
    I refuse to have it done when I get a facial as it RUINS the experience for me!!!!
    I have SENSITIVE SKIN and well it hurts!!!!!!

    • LOL!!! I think HAIRLESS BEAUTY is a compliment. Much better than you HAIRY WOMAN, so thank you, Elizabeth. Waxing may cause wrinkles… Something to contemplate. That may be the skin’s way of saying, LEAVE ME ALONE!!! I get my nose hairs waxed when I get a facial. It’s the last thing she does before I get up from the table, and yes… It has a tendency to make you forget the parts about the facial. YOU’RE FUNNY, ELIZABETH, BUT I LOVE YOU!!!! xoxo, Brenda

  10. Brenda..just got around to reading this now. I don’t think I need to shave but will look very carefully..I do get my upper lip lasered….you are wonderful for sharing. I had read about shaving before from a British blogger Sharon @bestbeforeenddate…NOW I SEE IT IS A THING!

    • Hi Hilda, Here’s hoping you never have to deal with facial hair, but at least you’re armed with info on what to do about it! LOVE SEEING YOU HERE! xoxox, Brenda

  11. I can relate! I tend to cycle through an array of responses to hair on my “chinny chin chin”: pluck, shave, ignore. I should put myself on a schedule so that “ignore” doesn’t become my default response! Thanks for hosting a space to crowd source this hairy situation.

  12. I’ve had to deal with chin hairs for a while and sometimes found a big long hair sticking out under my chin. So embarrassing! I can’t see that well up close with my contacts on. I started using a Flawless that I saw in a commercial and found it on Amazon. I love it. I can’t accidentally cut myself and it keeps my chin smooth.

    • Rebecca, You bring up such an important point, and one I missed… We sometimes can’t see these little critters! Yes! It’s horrifying to realize you’ve had one for some time, and lots of people have seen it (them). Or… maybe they have eyesight problems as well, and they haven’t noticed them which gives us time to take care of the situation! I haven’t heard of Flawless. I’ll look that up right now! xoxox, Brenda

  13. Okay, Brenda, this has taken me a week to get over the shock and admit I need to do this! I totally believed the myths so was stunned that it wouldn’t make the hair thicker and darker. I assumed the furry face and recurrent chin hair was just the norm for women of a certain age. After winning a spa service years ago, I had the dermaplaning done at the suggestion of the young workers there. It didn’t occur to me that the hair didn’t grow back thicker or darker, of course! *Sigh* I would be the one to cut myself though, so prayers appreciated! Trying to gin up the nerve to try this! Ha!! Here’s to a less hairy presentation!

    Cheers for bringing this up and for bravely showing us how it’s done. Thanks for the video!! I missed that when going through breast cancer, even though I used and referred others to your site!!

    • You’re terrific, Beckye! Just take it slow, use a great quality razor and blades… only on your face, and a little shaving cream or I love the Aveeno Body Wash because it’s a gel and soft. You’ll be okay! xoxox, Brenda

  14. Thanks for the info Brenda but I found something that works as well. It looks like a large lipstick and I bought it for my mother for Christmas. At 96 she has lots of chin hairs but shaving had become an ordeal. Voila! The lipstick shaver and there are several to choose from on Amazon. I bought it for her and have a secret one of my own!

    • Hi Kona! I saw those advertised recently. As long as they do the trick, use them! I like a razor because in 30 seconds I’ve done my entire face! xoxox, Brenda

  15. OMG. Are you serious? Actually shave your face? I used to go to a dermatologist for that. Never thought about doing it myself. If I get the guts and the light is right I’ll try it. I’m always after those nasty chin hairs. Some times they’re actually on my upper lip. Yuck.

    One of the things that bugs me is men with eyebrows that are crazy unruly. I don’t understand why wives don’t tell they’re husbands and take care of it. Now to the mirror.
    Love how you write about stuff that needs to be discussed!

    • Hi Sandra, I”m happy you’re back from your trip, safe and sound! We all miss you when you’re gone! I’m glad you like how I write about topics that need discussing. Great! Hopefully that means they’re not boring. Mirrors… While a mirror might make you feel better, I’ve never used one. I shave my face in the shower and zip, zip… upper lip, neck sides of the face… I’m done in 60 seconds. Men’s eyebrows… Some are crazy wild, but they can also add character. It’s their out of control nose hairs I can’t handle!!!!! xoxox, Brenda

  16. I’ve shaved my face for a few years now – around the same time peri-menopause hit with full force! Like you, I use whatever wash I’ve got in my shower, or my Dove soap. It’s easy (Just make sure you’re not slicing off part of your haircut as you shave! OOPS!). I use a Harry’s razor, but I know Amazon sells women’s “dermaplaning” razors that are cheap and easy to use.

    But I still have a whisker that I prefer to pluck (it stays gone longer). I made my daughter’s promise that they’ll always tell me if they see a whisker. And my mom and I have what we call “The Nursing Home Pact”! If I could afford electrolysis, I’d do it in a heartbeat, but shaving is fine – and you are SO right about makeup gliding on, Brenda!

    • Hi Val… Just noticed this comment from you! Sorry I’m so slow. I think the derma planing razors are trickier to use than a man’s razor, and yep! In the shower with Dove. “The Nursing Home Pact!” Hysterical. xoxox, Brenda

  17. Wow! I thought I was the only woman who ever wondered about using the straight edge to look good! Apparently, NOT! I decided years ago not to wax (I believe it leaves craters where your hairs once were… ie: “crepe skin”), and bleaching doesn’t do the trick, so I borrowed my husband’s manscaping tool and was thrilled! Call it a half-way measure… it’s more like using an electric shaver. The 8$ tool just buzzes off the fuzz and – voila! Thanks for your honesty here Brenda!

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