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Instead of children I’ve always had dogs, sometimes three at a time. They’re my family. Annie and Lulu were eight weeks old when I adopted them from the animal shelter almost two years ago. From the beginning the “experts” told me someday I’d have to make a choice and give one of my darling girls

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My courtyard's been slow, coming together because I've been waiting for Annie and Lulu to get a little older... past

Annie and Lulu are growing into fine young ladies, especially after I sent them to finishing school while I was

If you or anyone you know is money or depressed, I suggest a puppy instead of antidepressants. If you get

My bedroom smells like urine, and there’s a dog that likes getting stuck under my dresser, but I’m deliriously happy.

This evening, Molly went to live with God. Before the vet administered the final medication, I laid on the floor