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This week I’m breaking out of my more tailored style and wearing something a little more trendy… bell sleeves. Also I’m layering bracelets and necklaces and instead of the smaller purses I prefer, I’m carrying a basket! Part of me wants to say, “Who are you, and how did this happen?” The how is easy… I went shopping with my friend, Heather Wolff, former owner of Worth New York in San Antonio. As a longtime clothing consultant, Heather has a well-developed eye for putting outfits together.

When I told Heather I only have dress up clothes and gym clothes, she said, “You have a life in-between. You need clothes for your life!”

The cute belle sleeve, cotton tunic I’m wearing is from Beach Lunch Lounge. Below I’ve included one from the same brand that has two-tiered, bell sleeves plus a couple that offer more coverage for the hips and thighs.

My white Lafayette 148 pants I bought four years ago. Their clothes really speak to our age group. The key to wearing white pants is to buy ones made with a thicker fabric so you can’t see every detail of your body and your underwear; preferably buy pants that stretch, and don’t wear them skin tight and NO WHITE LEGGINGS!

My shiny, gold sandals are Stuart Weitzman. I bought them last year, but they’re still available. Every time I wear these, someone always asks where I got them. Stuart Weitzman’s are a splurge, but they have shoes that fit my narrow feet. In case you missed it, here’s a recent post of MY OVER 50 READER’S LIST OF COMFORTABLE SHOES. 

I’ve been calling this bag my “Dorothy From Oz” basket. It’s so out of the norm for me, but I love it! The wicker is fun and fresh and deep enough to carry makeup, lunch, even another pair of shoes. There are so many cute, wicker bags right now. They come in colors, some with pom poms and tassels, and you can find them as big or as small as you want.

And if you’d like a real, wicker picnic basket for two, here’s one that includes everything except the food the and picnic blanket! Also I love the two-tone, Mark Cross bag with black leather top handles and 18kt gold-plated brass hardware. It’s way out of my price range, but it’s something Princess Grace would have carried in Monaco.

Did you know when Grace Kelly was making “Rear Window” with Jimmy Stewart, director Alfred Hitchcock called his friend, Gerald Murphy, the owner of Mark Cross and asked him to make a bag for her to carry in the film? The bag continues to be produced, today, and it’s called The Rear Window Overnight Case… $4,000!

My bracelets and earrings are by Julie Vos. We’ve done a couple of Julie Vos Giveaways here on 1010ParkPlace. I love her pieces. The design and skill that goes into each one… They look like they are 10 times more expensive than they are.

The three necklaces I’m wearing are from Bittersweet Designs by Laurie Lenfestey. You can check her website, but I didn’t see any of the grey pearl and baroque pearls with milagros like mine.

Here are some other necklaces you can mix and match that will give you a similar feel.

When’s the last time you experimented with a new style? As long as you keep your body type in mind and don’t buy anything that doesn’t show it off to your best advantage, why not take a walk on the wild side, and try something different?

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25 thoughts on “OVER 50 CASUAL SPRING STYLE”

  1. I can’t tell you how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE this look! I have a hard time too with casual outfits . . . yoga pants or dressed up! Where can I find exactly this shirt? I love that it only has one bell (double bell is too much for me) and I love the stripe! . . . I want to steal your whole look! And thanks for the shoes! I already ordered them- Weitzman fit me perfectly! Thank you so much for your blog! I recently discovered you and love it!

    • Hi Lisa, This blouse is from Beach Front Lounge. They’re out of this particular one, but if you look in the body of my post, you’ll see their name and several others that are similar. So happy you ordered the Stuart Weitzman shoes. I just love them! I’m even happier you found my blog and you like it. Hope that means you’re also reading my BRENDA’S BLOG post on Saturday mornings. Thanks, again, Lisa, Brenda

  2. Brenda,
    First of all, this outfit, you look so chic! I love everything about this look for you. Kudos to your friend, Heather. The blue bell-sleeve top, just fabulous on you. Your accessories too, especially the straw tote, so Jane Birkin.

    • Hi Eugenia, When I first chose this straw tote, I didn’t correlate it with Jane Birkin, but you’re right! My friend, Heather, has a relaxed, easy, “elevated casual” style that I love. Her years of being a Worth representative has really honed her eye for what works on every body type. Thanks for your message, Brenda

  3. Love this look. You are stunning in anything you wear. Thanks for your blog…..hard to find a good one for women over “a certain age”.

    • Oh, thank you, Cindy! So nice! Thanks for letting me know you like my blog… hope that means BRENDA’S BLOG on Saturday as well as the two FASHION FRIDAY posts I do a month. Hope to see you here, again, and please let me know if there’s something you’d like me to write about. You can email me at [email protected] XOXOX, Brenda

  4. You look marvelous, darling, and you look like you’re having a blast! I love everything about this post. Thank you for more beautiful inspiration, it’s too easy for me to live in denim 24/7.
    And, thanks for the validation on my wicker basket fetish. I love them in the summer, nice to know they are catching on again.
    XO Donna

    • Donna, I used to live in blue jeans. Now with two puppies and three days at the gym, I live in long, black, Nike pants and t-shirts. If my darling James were still here, I wouldn’t be doing this… As it was… he once called me “Dog Hair Woman… ” If they do an autopsy when I die, it will probably show I died from dog hair! xoxox, Brenda

    • Hi Vicki, The bell sleeves didn’t appeal to me until I tried this blouse on and I was hooked. So fun and fresh! Wicker bags are everywhere from the Dollar Store to Neiman Marcus. Probably even you could find a cute wicker “bag” at someplace like Pier One. Thanks for stopping by!! Brenda

    • LOL!!! “Watch out for the gravy!” I have a white blouse with French cuffs that’s meant to be worn with the cuffs long, not folded back, and I’m always careful with it. Now I have TWO blouses to watch out for. Thanks for the caution, Hilda! Brenda

  5. Oh how I enjoyed this post! Such lovely things, and such a cheerful post! I love the bell sleeve blouse, it just looks so airy and fresh and fun! And the jewelry was gorgeous! I loved the little story about the bag in the Grace Kelly film. Things like that are so fascinating… it never dawned on me they would go to the trouble to have a. bag created for a specific role in a movie! Really. enjoyed this post!

    • Thank you, Amy!! I didn’t know that about Grace Kelly’s bag either, but Hitchcock loved his “icy blondes,” as they’ve been called, so it doesn’t surprise me that he’d want to elevate them in every way possible. Think about the hairstyles as well… Tippi Hedren in “The Birds,” Kim Novak in “Vertigo,” and Grace Kelly in “Rear Window… ” They all wore their hair twisted and up in the back so it showcased their face and neck. xoxo, Brenda

  6. Beautiful look Brenda! Stuart Weitzman shoes are always worth the splurge, they’re comfortable and beautifully designed! Love the bell sleeve shirt and the jewelry, super chic!

  7. Love everything about this post Brenda! The bell sleeves, the blue and white, the basket bag, and the jewelry. Your friend has a wonderful style eye – your look is very effortless. Here’s to your in between life!!!


  8. Want to thank you for showing various price ranges for those of us who can not afford really high end pieces. I love the jewelry which I would never have thought to put with that fabulous blouse. Love your blog and your sense of style. I’m still attempting to find mine now that I’ve retired!

    • Hi Margie, Put five outfits on a rack, and every time I’ll pick the most expensive one. Probably because my mother was a buyer in couture and I learned to spot great quality, but I can’t afford it. The most expensive thing I’m wearing in this photo is the jewelry… my spring splurge, which I’ve already worn every other day. The funny thing is I’ve never been a jewelry girl, so this is new territory for me, but I’m gaining an appreciation for the depth and interest that “layering” creates, whether it’s jewelry or a scarf… I was never a scarf girl, either. Like you, I’m trying to find my style after retirement. I’m grateful and happy you like my blog… not just Fashion Friday, I hope, but my Saturday BRENDA’S BLOG as well. Thank you, thank you, Margie, for reading and for letting me know! xoxo, Brenda

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