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Photographs by Jennifer Denton. ©2019.

If you read Brenda’s Blog then you know I sometimes write about my sweet girl, Annie. When Annie was only six weeks old I drove an hour south of here to meet her. She and her mom and seven siblings had been living on the street until they were rescued and placed with a foster family. I fell for Annie right away, but she looked at me for two seconds and then ran off to play with the chickens. Two weeks later I brought Annie home, and we’ve become best friends. That was two and a half years ago.

Annie has permanent eyeliner—a smoky eye—and a gorgeous reddish-brown coat. I’m so jealous.

This week Jennifer Denton and I were doing a photoshoot at my house when Jen noticed Annie and I had the same fall color palette. It’s amazing we got Annie to sit still, because Mr. Lizard was outside, lurking in the courtyard.

While Annie is wearing her mixed breed, Rhodesian Ridgeback outfit Mother Nature gave her, I have on a drop shoulder, silk top and a pair of palm leaf, silk pants from Vince. I wear this elevated casual outfit everywhere from Whole Foods to out to lunch and dinner.

Vince is one of my favorite go-to designers. I love Vince’s classy, grownup take on clothes, perfect for women over 50.

If you need a slip-on sneaker Vince is a great place to look. I have a pair in black and one in silver. I want another silver pair, because I’ve trashed mine in the mud and the garden. They’re so comfortable I don’t want to take them off.

FYI, this is not a paid post. I’m not being compensated for anything. I just like to share well-made, quality pieces you’ll have forever. I can’t afford to buy lots of new jewelry and outfits, so I make sure the things I buy are good quality and work with the other pieces in my closet, so you will see many of them again, like…

…my go-to Oscar de la Renta necklace I’m wearing in these photos. I bought it when my friend, Lois Joy Johnson, Founding Beauty and Fashion Editor for MORE Magazine asked me to be in her book, The Woman’s Wakeup, How to Shake Up Your Looks, Life and Love After 50. It’s the best-selling style bible for women our age!

…and my Julie Vos, hinge-cuff bracelets in Iridescent Clear Crystal. 

And if you’re looking for a best friend… Please think about adopting from an animal shelter as opposed to going to a breeder.

Annie helps out around the house by bringing me her bowl when it’s time to eat.

Who taught her how to tell time? She always gets it right.

Many breeders are running puppy mills, keeping the female dogs pregnant all the time, and the living conditions for mom and her pups–which you may not get to see–are often not the best. Having a purebred isn’t important to me, but needing a great dog who will love me back is everything!

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  1. It is a good look to coordinate with your dog. Those colors are very flattering on you. My SIL wears a similar palette–she must shop nonstop to find just the right shade because browns can be hard to match. Too cool and whatever they’re with turns orangey.
    Another blogger who speaks highly of Vince is Susan of High Heels in the Wilderness. She does a slightly sportier take, and it’s great to see how clothes can work in multiple settings. That’s classic.

    • TOF, This fall is the first time I’ve worn these colors. Have no idea what took me so long. I think I’d been looking at the wrong shades of brown. Sue from High Heels in the Wilderness used to write Fashion Fridays here on 1010ParkPlace. She and I like the same brands, but she has a more casual look… which my lifestyle dictates… but other than workout clothes, I need some glam in my wardrobe, even if I wear it with blue jeans. XOXOX, Benda

    • Thank you, Josephine! That makes me feel good to know I’ve helped you in some way and that you look forward to both of my posts each week. It works both ways, you know… I always love seeing you here! xoxox, Brenda

    ANNIE is a LOVE.
    Do you know BANKSY the PIGGY gives me a kiss GOOD NIGHT when our dinner is over and he turns complaining all the way to his bed!?
    He does and I LOVE IT!
    Animals are the BEST.They bring SO MUCH JOY!
    Good to see you are feeling better!

    • Elizabeth, Since I’ve met Banksy, I can envision him grumbling all the way back to his chair. What would we do without our nonhuman families? I wish Annie had a playmate, but since Lulu didn’t work out… I’m a little gun-shy. I was warned I’d face the littermate syndrome and would have to choose between them, but even so… Annie’s an only dog so I weigh the company for her versus her being jealous, or what if they didn’t like one another? xoxox, Brenda

  3. Thank you for promoting animal adoption! My husband and I adopt senior animals and especially those with “special needs” because no one wants them. They make the best companions and require little to no training! You can’t buy love but you can adopt it!!

  4. I always love your advice, Brenda… SPOT ON!! And adore the “daughter kissing Mom” photo! Priceless!! I, too, advocate for always going for rescues….they know you’ve chosen them to be a part of e heart, home and family.

  5. Always love your style, Brenda but, your dogs steal the show every time. 😉 I appreciate that and it took me back to our first dog who was the only pedigree we ever had. We decided, like young new parents, to get the kids a dog. We loved Old English Sheepdogs and began a search. I’d had mutts growing up and wanted this fluff ball pedigree. Neither of us gave any thought to the size of our duplex rental and a sheepdog’s size + 2 rowdy toddler boys! We did no research on the breed. First flub. After a year there with ‘Candy’ our huge fur ball, we moved and bought a much larger house where Candy lived out her life.
    One day, a short time after Candy passed, our youngest came home with this story… “My friend Sally’s dog had puppies! There’s one that REALLY likes me, mom. Can I bring him home??” We had a long dinner conversation and the dog won. Greg named him Benson, but most of the time he was called Benny. We all adored him. He moved with us to Pittsburgh. My husband was transferred often but, it was always a move up the ladder. After Greg left for college we moved again and, Ben was all ours without kids. But, when the boys came home during holidays Benson was in Heaven!
    Without kids at home Ben was lonely. We were both working during the day and he would sit on top of the sofa and stare out the window all day. One day I decided to take him with me and find him a new buddy. We went straight to the animal shelter and I went inside to see if they had some puppies. They had a few but, one cute little blonde totally won the show. His name was Duffy. He was dark blonde and totally adorable! So I went out to the car to get Ben while they brought Duffy into this ‘greeting room’. Benson layed down at my feet while Duffy danced all around me woofing, ‘Pick ME!! Pick ME!!’
    So, we did.
    They were best buddies for eight years. Since then we’ve always chosen pairs. Dogs are pack animals, unlike cats, and they love having a friend so they’re never alone when the people in the house are out earning $$ for their food and treats and toys. 😉

    P.S. Didn’t mean to ramble but, this is the most I’ve typed since my hand surgery 2 months ago! Guess I have to open up the blog again! YAY!

    • Love your story! We have been involved in dog rescue for many years. At times we have 5-6 dogs living with us. I am thrilled knowing so many people love animals!

      • Brava Marcia! I would love to scoop up every dog who needs a great family and bring them home with me, but I don’t think my heart is strong enough to say goodbye to them. How do you do that? xoxox, Brenda

    • Barbara, So that’s who the “Duffy Chronicles” was about. I like knowing the backstory. Thank you. I don’t see many Old English Sheepdogs in my part of the country because it’s just too bloomin’ hot here! I can remember a few Christmas Days that were in the ’90’s. I wish Annie had a friend, but I’m hesitant after I had to find a home for her littermate, Lulu. I’d had both girls since they were eight-weeks-old, and then at two-years-old, to realize if I didn’t separate them, they might kill each other… So hard… So very hard. Things are on an even keel here, now, so I’m going to keep it that way. Happy your hand’s doing better! Yes, girlfriend! Get back out there and blog! xoxox, Brenda

  6. The photos of you and Annie are gorgeous. I love your outfit and jewelry. The colors are perfect for you. Check THE OUTNET for great prices on Vince. There’s a nice selection for 40% off and often more. I agree that Vince is a classy label.

  7. I love your outfit! It’s glamorous but still looks comfy. But, it’s your smile that steals the show. Your beauty really shines through as your smile lights up your face.
    I agree! Our dogs give so much laughter, comfort and love to our lives. Like you, I find one dog at a time best, then there is no competition for your affection.

    • You’ve very sweet Joanna! My late husband used to tell me he liked my smile. Yes, my silk Vince outfit feels dreamy! I’ve always had several dogs at a time, but because Annie and her sister, Lulu, had a severe and potentially life-threatening “littler mate syndrome,” and I had to (a) choose which girl to keep and then (b) find the other… Lulu… a home… I’m not ready to have another dog yet. In theory I’d love it if Annie had a friend because dogs are pack animals, but I can’t take the chance she would windup feeling slighted, like I don’t love her as much if I bring another dog into the mix. xoxox, Brenda

      • I forgot to mention my sweet girl is a Border Collie. They don’t play with other dogs because they are herders. Plus, she doesn’t know she’s a dog and prefers people. She has her peeps in the neighbourhood that come over to throw her ball and give her some loving, I’ve only ever had Border Collies but can understand many dogs like canine company.

        • Joanna, I had a Shepherd/Border Collie mix, and she had to know where every member of the family was at all times. We lived on a ranch in the Texas Hill Country, but I had an old cemetery wire… typical to some of the 100-year-old Texas farmhouses. put around the house and some acreage to keep some of the exotic game out. She would run around the house and you could see her counting our other dogs and if she could see me and my husband, then she would start the process all over again. She was one of the best dogs I’ve every had. So loving and fun. xoxox, Brenda

  8. Dear darling Beautiful Brenda, what a visual and sartorial treat this post is. Just beautiful. Beautifully shot, sneak peeks captured of the divine rarities in your home, darling Annie and of course, you, the most elegant and lovely lady of the house. I am so glad you are feeling better – at least you look better – from your fever that developed after Annie’s trick with a toothpick that stopped you from travelling. Instead, we are blessed with this gorgeous treat of a snippet inside your home and life with Annie. Thank you. And Bless you. Your blog cheered me up today. I am recovering from a full hysterectomy after a very large (think size of a large lemon) benign fibroid tumour was discovered in my uterine lining after a nasty bout of diverticulitis. I am ok with saying goodbye to my dear uterine friend who produced 2 beautiful – now grown up – children. The loss is bittersweet (I am a bit teary today) but I will be relieved not to have the symptoms this fibroid was giving me, once I have healed (it takes up to 6 weeks to heal and it’s all internal). I am not a good patient, and sitting and watching my darling husband do the housework is not in my comfort zone at all. At least I have my trusty laptop, and my own darling little rescue lap dog to distract me. Rescue dogs are the best. Love TJ Xxxxxx

    • Awe, TJ…. Thank you! Annie and I are both doing well, but the last two weeks has seen us both down for the count. I, too, had a complete hysterectomy when I was 46 due to a large fibroid. My monthly periods were more like I was hemorrhaging, and it had to stop. I prepared for my surgery by listening to Belleruth Naperstek’s Guided Imagery audios and one from a hypnotherapist and sailed through surgery and recovery. But I know what you mean about not being a good patient. I felt great! Like nothing had happened and so I was inclined to do things like clean up in the kitchen. My sweet husband would scold me and tell me to go sit down… for six weeks! I thought I’d lose my mind! Listen to your loving nurse, and I know you’ll be better than ever! xoxox, Brenda

  9. We adopted a year ago and it was the best thing we ever did. Our house is now full of love and lots of fun. Our sweet Tatou keeps us busy and happy all day long.

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