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Sometimes I’ll rewatch a film I’ve matured into like Alan J. Pakula’s 1971, dark thriller, Klute. It’s not that it was beyond my comprehension when I saw it the first time in the theater. But having seen it again, recently, I better understand the motivation of prostitute, Bree Daniels, and Jane Fonda’s Academy Award-winning portrayal

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Six months ago I wrote, “Don’t hold me to this, but I’m thinking about signing up with one of those

It’s well-documented that women with body image issues frequently struggle in their intimate relationships. Until now, I’ve never discussed this

Daily I receive dozens of notices that women are repinning the same photo from 1010ParkPlace’s Pinterest page, “We’re Grownup… Not

The main cause of erectile disfunction (ED) is lack of blood flow to the penis. Whether it’s not enough blood

Lack of sexual desire and/or orgasm in women can be more complicated than lack of erection in men. While men

The summer of ’66 was a good one. My parents let me buy a lemon yellow bikini. My best friend’s