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A couple of weeks ago while I was in South Florida, filming my new TV show, Food Quest, on the Food Network, I went for a run. As I pushed open the front door of the hotel, I realized how windy it was outside.

Like any good runner, I decided to head into the wind on the first part of my journey so I could take it easy on the way back.

As I struggled, running into the wind, my run became all about enduring it. No pleasure, just work. Because the wind was so strong, heavy gusts hit me when I ran between each building. When I turned around for my journey back to the hotel, however, my whole perception changed. All of a sudden it was quiet, almost peaceful. I was grateful for a reprieve from the fierce winds, and I forgot how difficult the run had been until then. I began to enjoy my surroundings.

As my stride got longer, I felt faster and my gait was strong and smooth. I felt a hint of pride. I had to remind myself that the same wind that hindered me on the first half of the run was now my friend, pushing me from behind. I became grateful for that same wind as it guided me back to the hotel.

As I ran I realized this was a great metaphor for life.

When we struggle, all of our attention is on the struggle. We can’t wait for the struggle to be over. Yet once it’s done, we quickly forget and can sometimes let pride sneak in, thinking we are succeeding on our own, but we aren’t.

Life seems easy when you’ve hit your stride. Things are calm and you can enjoy your surroundings and feel like you have things under control. Remember to feel grateful during these times, because you haven’t accomplished it only by your own steam. Sometimes the wind you had to push through is the very same wind that will turn you around and get you back to your finish line.


  • 1010ParkPlace March 7, 2018 at 1:40 pm

    And then there are the times we feel a breeze and are praying it’s not a huge wind. What a great analogy for life! Thanks Kim! xoxox, Brenda

  • Victoria March 8, 2018 at 4:14 pm

    I have a saying on a post I did this week that the same hot water that hardens the egg softens the potato.

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