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Lauren Ezersky photographed for 1010ParkPlace by Noel Sutherland, styled by Mark Grischke
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This week I caught up with glamorous gal about NYC, Lauren Ezersky. Lauren’s in L’Oréal’s new classic Voluminous Mascara campaign on television, print and online. She appears with Diane Keaton, Deborah Harry, Julianne Moore, models Barbara Palvin, Soo Joo Park, transgender model, Hari Nef and a host of other cool ladies. Once again, L’Oréal hit a home run by featuring “fresh, creative, confident women who are iconic in their own right.”

In a press release L’Oréal said, “We are excited to bring together trailblazing individuals in celebration of the mascara women have loved for over 25 years… we want to encourage everyone to embrace their originality, take chances and make a statement.”

“I was so excited because I got to meet Diane Keaton—who I’ve been a fan of forever—and Deborah Harry,” said Lauren. “Everyone was very nice and awesome. It was so fun.”

Like 69-year-old Debbie Harry—Blondie—and 71-year-old Diane Keaton, the younger Lauren Ezersky’s always had her own style. As host of the cult series “Behind The Velvet Ropes,” from 1989 to 2012, which may have been TV’s first reality show, Lauren interviewed top models and fashion designers and took viewers on a fun tour of places most of us never get to see.

While Lauren’s show is off the air—BOO/BAD—she continues to pop up in an amazing array of places. In addition to the L’Oréal commercial, “I’m shooting an ad for a jewelry designer and was interviewed for an upcoming movie,” said Lauren. “I don’t have an agent because they don’t know what to do with me. It’s always been that way. People just seek me out, like L’Oréal, and I’m stopped on the street a lot and complemented on my clothes because I dress differently.”

“My style is really eclectic. One morning I want to wear a ball gown and the next, jeans. It’s just how I feel in the morning and what I want to look like. The one constant is my jewelry, because I love my bling and my makeup.”

A few months ago, Lauren cut her hair, an event that made a splash with her followers on Instagram. “I cut my hair because I just got bored with it. I always wore it up all the time. It looks kind of cool to wear it shorter and out fuller.”

Lauren’s 1010 Park Place Style Inspiration profile may be my all time favorite we’ve done. In addition to Noel Sutherland’s stunning photographs and Mark Grischke’s impeccable styling, Lauren made an impression on me at a time when I was transitioning from the corporate look to what… I didn’t know. In an unspoken way, Lauren gave me permission to wear my Ralph Lauren cashmere jacket with leather pants and a sequined top, or to take the six-foot long, wooden rosary beads from San Miguel, Mexico, that hung on my bed, and wrap it around my neck and wear it with a boho midi dress and boots.

While I’m nowhere as adventurous with clothes and jewelry as Lauren, last month I bought a black suede jacket with trapunto stitching and lined with black Mongolian lamb’s wool that screamed her name from the hanger. I guess you could say Lauren’s my fashion muse of the moment.


  • Judy Freedman May 10, 2017 at 2:31 pm

    I’m such a fan of Diane Keaton too. Lucky Lauren for being in an ad with such legendary stars.

  • 1010ParkPlace May 10, 2017 at 3:52 pm

    What a cool and exciting experience! Brava, dear Lauren! xoxox, Brenda

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