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Photographs by Jennifer Denton, ©2019

Last month I did a post called Five Fall Fashion Trends for 2019. One of the trends was “Statement Coats and Capes,” where I featured a double-breasted trench coat from Zara… one of my new favorite brands.

I ordered this coat and wanted to tell you how fabulous it is.

ZARA DID NOT COMPENSATE ME IN ANY WAY FOR THIS COAT… although it would be great if they did. LOL!

I am so impressed with this coat! While I paid $149 for it, if I’d seen it with a Burberry label and a price tag of $1,490, I would have believed it. There is NOTHING cheap about this coat. The weight of the fabric, the gorgeous lining, the stitching, the buttons… all top top quality. I also think it’s a better color… and much better fabric… than the usual boring, beige, London Fog coats. This may be one of my all-time favorite finds, and it’s in a color I normally wouldn’t buy. Why, I don’t know, because it looks great with my auburn hair!

If you’ve been noticing, I’m stepping outside my usual color palette! Something, earlier this year, I promised to do!

From the online photo I thought this coat had a belt in a matching fabric, but when it arrived, the belt didn’t wrap all the way around the coat. It was attached on either side of the back of the coat, so when I added my black pony skin belt on top, both of them, together, made for more fabric than I wanted around my waist. So I had my tailor carefully cut it off on either side. You may want to keep it however. It literally took her two minutes, and she didn’t charge me.

If you’re interested in this coat, I’m wearing a medium. I also ordered a large at the same time, but it was too big for me, so I sent it back. ANYTHING I THINK I REALLY WANT, I ALWAYS ORDER IN TWO SIZES AND SEND THE OTHER… OR BOTH… BACK. Brands always pay the shipping, so why not? That way you don’t risk the item being sold out if you reorder later.

I’m going to England this year, so I’ll be taking my Zara coat, pony skin belt, leopard scarf, long black tee, black leather pants and my black slip-on sneakers. They’re more comfortable than the black suede ankle boots I’m wearing in this photo. Everything except the coat I’ve had for a long time.

FYI, if you’re buying real leather pants, you want them to fit SNUG…

…because they will stretch out over time in the seat and the knees. And if you’re paying for real leather pants, don’t buy cropped leather pants, because they may go out of style, and you want to be able to get your money’s worth and wear them for years to come. Faux leather leggings I know nothing about. They may be great, but personally… I don’t want my butt and legs to look like I’ve been dipped in black wax. Unless you’re very thin, they’re just too tight and not flattering on most of us.

Here’s hoping the weather where you are is showing signs of fall!


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22 thoughts on “I LOVE MY ZARA TRENCH COAT”

  1. I would love to know which black slip on sneakers you are taking on your trip to England. I am trying to find a suitable pair

  2. That is a terrific coat, and you look terrific wearing it. I’ve always been envious of women who can wear that beautiful color. My Mom’s coloring was very similar to yours and she looked perfect wearing it also – hoping to hear more about your travel plans. Have a great weekend.

  3. I just ordered a black tux suit from Zara and LOVE it! I am so shocked by the quality. It’s amazing. The whole suit cost $175 which is insane considering it looks much more expensive. I do the same. I 0rder two sizes and send the one that doesn’t fit back. Love your coat!

    • Hi Lauren, A black tux suit!!! I’ve loved those ever since I saw one Ralph Lauren did eons ago. I have one… not RL… in black velvet I bought, kind of as a reward for getting through breast cancer treatment, but I’ve only worn it once. Enjoy yours! xoxox, Brenda

  4. I am READING BACKWARDS……….SORRY I get SO BEHIND if I do not check the email DAILY!

    • Elizabeth, I agree. You have to have very slim legs to have them vacuum packed in real or faux leather leggings. In my dreams I have those legs, but not in reality. There are some women our age I follow on Instagram who wear them, but they’re also toothpick thin. I met one at a conference last year, and she’s even thinner in person. Scary thin, but she looks great in skinny jeans and tight leggings. xoxox, Brenda

  5. I don’t believe there’s anything you don’t look fab in. I’ve lost some weight lately and re-evaluating my wardrobe. I’m very fortunate to have a neighbor who is good at alterations, and that always helps!
    Keep rockin’ the fashion, girl!

    • Thank you, Miss Barbara! Congratulations on your weight loss. That’s not easy. For years I’ve used a woman who does alterations. She’s fabulous but is thinking about retiring, so I’ll miss her.

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