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“It’s not that easy being green…”


Those are the words of Kermit The Frog. Despite Kermit’s opinion, it’s gotten much easier to be green since PANTONE, the global authority on color, has picked green as it’s color of the year. That makes twice in four years, and I am excited!

Green is the color of the fourth chakra, our heart chakra, the one that deals with social identity, trust, forgiveness, unconditional love, and compassion. Leatrice Eisman, Executive Director of Pantone Color Institute said, “Greenery, the 2017 color, symbolizes the reconnection we seek with nature, one another, and a larger purpose.” Exactly what is needed in our world right now.

Our heart chakra is the meeting place for our instinct to survive and our desire for enlightenment. Unchecked, our instinct to survive manifests itself as greed, corruption, selfishness, and violence. A hearty dose of enlightenment would be a much welcomed change! Envision generousity, compassion, service, inclusivity, spirituality, and creativity. All heart chakra… all green.

There are many ways to “green up” our lives: We can use paint and be immersed in our favorite shade–as Elaine Parisi so beautifully showed us in her January 11th post. Don’t want the kind of commitment involved with painting your house? Add some green linens and throw pillows. Buy new bath towels as an accent. Add more plants to your home. They’re good for our health, filtering the carbon dioxide we exhale and giving us oxygen in exchange. Low-maintenance Ivy and Snake Plant are even good for helping us sleep at night.

Add blouses or tees in flattering shades and patterns to your wardrobe this year. Seek out green jewelry. Drink more green tea. Have a pedicure with a green polish. Although they aren’t green, both lavender and jasmine stimulate our heart chakra. Buy yourself some luscious French bath soaps. And last, but certainly not least, attend a yoga class or a group meditation… both open our heart center. I often feel a glass of good wine would do the trick faster, but I will appreciate it even more with an open heart. My goal is to ignore Kermit’s lament, and “Be the change I wish to see in the World.”


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Donna O’Klock spent 35 years in the beauty business, talking, teaching, and learning. These days, she’d “rather write than talk. It’s better that way because I can edit.” She writes two blogs, and, and is the author of  Sick and Tired & Sexy: Living Beautifully with Chronic Illness.

Austin, Texas, has been her home since 1978, but she and her fiancé have downsized and are traveling the country in their RV.

5 thoughts on ““It’s not that easy being green…””

  1. Since retirement I’ve added real plants to our home,and walked in after I weekend away…said I love our home! It felt special ,

  2. I love green plants in my home and rarely see another home with indoor plants. Would you believe I still have a pothos ivy I bought when I was in my 20s? It’s like a dear friend. xoxox, Brenda

  3. Me too, Brenda… and I wonder why that is? I don’t think I ever got over the 70’s; macrame hangers and pathos and ferns.
    That’s amazing that you still have that ivy after what… twenty years or so?? Holy Pothos, Batman!

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