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Along with bringing you great clothes and interesting women who let us peek inside their closets, 1010ParkPlace wants to give our readers free gifts! This week was our first GIVE AWAY: Two beautiful NADRI bracelets from Nordstrom’s. For the last few days, we’ve looked forward to having a winner. Even though there wasn’t a drum roll, and a software tool picked our winner, at random, it’s been fun. So, without further fanfare…


Congratulations to Liz Shumpes, wife, mom, cook, realtor, lover of red wine and all things dark chocolate. FYI, the photo above is of Liz and her kids. It’s so genuine, fun and spontaneous. How could we resist? Check out the website Liz started for her married daughters, who love to cook and wanted easy access to her recipes. What a great idea! Next weekend, I’m making her easy, rustic, Peach Galette when my girlfriends and I get together for our annual slumber party. Liz, your bracelets are on their way to you with our thanks for entering and subscribing to 1010ParkPlace.

At least once a week, 1010ParkPlace will continue to give away something fabulous. The only thing you need to do is subscribe to our weekly newsletter, and watch for our weekly GIVE AWAY announcements on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Then follow the instructions for entering. Look closely because we give tips about ways to increase your chances of winning.

Our GIVE AWAY this week made me think about a dress I won from a local department store when I was 16. I loved that dress! It had an empire waist with a blue and white checked bodice, white Peter Pan collar and a navy blue miniskirt. It made me feel like the English girl who was dating my favorite rock star. He’s still my favorite rock star, but that’s another blog post.

Winning that dress was also the first time I remember wearing something my mother hadn’t chosen. In my house, I had to wear what mother thought I should wear and rarely, did I have any say in the matter. As a result, I was the least hip girl in class. I should probably thank mother because that taught me I needed to be an independent woman who earned my own money.

Thanks to all of you who entered. Don’t forget! Every week you must ENTER to WIN. We have fabulous GIVE AWAYS, yet to come, and who knows? One of them might have your name on it.

Love, Brenda

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