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Photographs by Jennifer Denton, ©2018. Photographed at Park 31 in Spring Branch, Texas.

In September I shared a beautiful, taupe, flannel jacket from Whistle River Trading, and everyone loved it, especially me. Last week I went to a ranch in Montana… Legends of the Fall country, and my jacket was the perfect thing to wear in their cool, crisp weather.

Today I’m sharing another one of Whistle River Trading’s pieces, this gorgeous velvet skirt. It has the Holidays written all over it.

It wouldn’t be far off the mark to call me a “velvet-aholic.” Beginning in my early 20’s, I’ve always had at least one pair of black velvet jeans in my closet. Velvet makes even a simple, long-sleeved, white t-shirt look rich and special. Whistle River Trading’s black velvet skirt does the same thing.

Plus it’s on sale for $69.99!

Like my flannel shirt, Whistle River’s craftsmanship is outstanding. The Rio Grande Velvet Burnout Skirt I’m wearing has an exquisite lace hem on both the skirt and the lining. I’ve styled it two different ways so you can see how easy it will fit with the other things in your closet.

In this first look I’m wearing my long-sleeved, cream, cashmere sweater; a wrap shawl that picks up the detail in the skirt…

Julie Vos bracelets and an Oscar de la Renta necklace…

…and my plum, suede, Prada, kitten heels… which I can no longer wear… even to hobble from one side of the room to the other. Grrrr…

A t-shirt and boots would be another great look with this skirt!

I also paired this skirt with my black, Miu Miu cardigan sweater with a black fox collar I found on sale several years ago. The rhinestone and pearl pin I bought at a NYC antique shop that was going out of business. The owner, an American woman over 60, had decided to retire and move to Paris!

Jennifer caught me singing to… what else? The Rolling Stones! We set “I Can’t Quit You Baby” from their Blues and Lonesome album, last year, on replay… over and over and over. It’s down and dirty blues with Mick at his best while Keith–the coolest, most talented guy on the planet–and the fabulous Ronny B Good play some really mean guitars and the ever dapper Charlie My Darling taps out the rhythm on his drums.

🎼”I can’t quit you baby, but I’m going to have to put you down for a while.”🎵


Sorry…  I’m easily distracted by the blues, the Stones, music!

Barefoot is another good look…

The black suede, drop earrings I bought in my early 20’s. They’re from Donna Karan and are considered “vintage.” LOL! So am I…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Donna Karan!! She turned 70 on October 2nd.

Whistle River Trading’s clothes are made in Guatemala. I love that their fabrics are cut by hand and sewn by some of the world’s finest artisans. Whistle River has made a huge difference in the economy and the local residents’s standard of living.

Take a look at this beautiful skirt. Go to their site, then to Shop Our Collections/Skirts. FYI, the waist runs small so order one size larger.

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  1. Those are wonderful photos. Why don’t retailers use more real women instead of teenage girls to sell clothes? You look great, you make the clothes look great, the setting is amazing and the photographer did a wonderful job with things like the reflections in the mirror, etc.
    That skirt looks like a sound purchase. The fabric is luscious enough to say “party” or “holiday” and the basic black keeps it from being such a show-stopper than you can’t wear it for lower-key occasions, or bring it out year after year.
    I feel your pain re the shoes. I also have a pair of beloved heels that I can’t wear but can’t bring myself to throw out. Your barefoot look is cute but not practical, at least beyond one’s own home. You must show us stylings with flats! I, for one, am counting on your counsel.
    I will re-check your archives, but do tell what you use on your skin. I want the same!

    • TOF, Thanks so much! Jennifer Denton is a talented photographer, so I always know we’ll have a great shoot. Clothing brands are, for the most part, designed by people under 40, and their marketing and PR people are under 40 as well. From experience I’ve found they’re not interested in those of us over 50. As Lululemon’s Exec VP of Mktg told me, “Women over 45 are no longer relevant.” I will NEVER forget her egotistical, uninformed, narrow-minded comment. About shoes… I’ve done several posts about shoes and feet. Here is one about the most “foot friendly brands for our demographic.” The list of brands were submitted by my readers! My skin… Thank you! I think good skin is a result of a lifetime of diligent care. I haven’t sunbathed since my 20’s, and when I went on my Indiana Jones adventures I always wore huge hats. Even though I wore sunscreen and long sleeves, my arms are more weathered looking…. crepey and old… Grrr… I’ve been using Simply Venom day and night creams for almost a year and a half. I also layer those with DermaE Hyaronic Acid Serum, toner and cleanser. Always love seeing you here!! xoxox, Brenda

  2. Awesome is my take on your look. Love it all and you are beautiful. I also like velvet but got away from wearing it because right now I have no where to wear it but I do think I am going to look into a pair of velvet jeans.

    • Hi Victoria! I know what you mean about not having a place to wear certain clothes… It breaks my heart sometimes. Thank you for the sweet compliment. I appreciate it. Yes… velvet jeans go with anything, anytime, and I don’t care whether they’re “in” or not. xoxox, Brenda

  3. I agree with Taste of France, retailers are missing the boat completely, those photos are incredible, I can’t imagine a young woman or older woman who wouldn’t want to look like that! Seriously retailers, what are you thinking? Wake up!

    • Eileen… Most brands are TONE DEAF when it comes to women over 50. I know because I’ve been dealing with them… THEM: 20-30-something Millennial women. Please… Don’t get me started, although I realize not all younger women have that mentality. Thanks so much for your sweet words, Brenda

  4. You look GORGEOUS!!! I love the loose, sexiness of your hair – thumbs up on a fresh, modern cut. And you do that skirt Justice in a BIG way! I’d love to see it styled with a crisp white button front shirt tucked in, sleeves pushed up, and that sassy attitude. 😉

    XOX Love you!

    • Hi Val, I LOVE YOU BACK!! Thanks for the compliment. Would you believe that’s my same haircut I’ve had for the last few years? It was rainy and humid the day we took these photos, so my hair just curled up by itself. Sometimes I try to deliberately make it look like this, but am not always successful, plus my hair if fine and thin and any product I use just weighs it down. BINGO about the crisp, white shirt, sleeves pushed up! Such a fabulous look! My favorite!! xoxox, Brenda

  5. Smashing photo shoot!! The outfits, the location, the photographer, the vibe that unites it all… you are superb, Brenda!
    I’d even wear it with boots, cowboy or dressy.
    As always, great find!!!!

    • Thank you, sweet friend! Jennifer and I consider ourselves a team… and a pretty darn good one at that! Cowboy boots!!! Yes! So many ways you can style this skirt, and it will always look fabulous! xoxox, Brenda

  6. I agree totally with Donna O’Klock. You make your age— wait, make that ANY age—look amazing. Your confidence shines through!

    • Awe… Marita… Thank you so much! As women over 50 we have a lot of life under our belt; so many stages of life we’ve passed through, and we’re STILL HERE! That’s my favorite part. Our confidence should always shine through! We’ve earned it! Thank you!! Brenda

  7. Brenda,

    What a wonderful skirt for the holidays or for when you have a special occasion that requires a more dressed up look.
    Beautiful photos of both looks!
    I can relate to the painful shoes you love so much but no longer can walk across the room in them
    I have a few pairs that are only used for photoshoots!


    • Hi Robin, Thank you, sweet lady!! Since most of us don’t wear heels anymore, I’m not sure why I grabbed this pair for the shoot. My feet are so narrow… most brands don’t find me, but I’m going to have to work on finding some great flats to wear. xoxo, Brenda

  8. Beautiful skirt, and every look you put together is gorgeous (and so are you!) I have not heard of Whistle River Trading, so thanks for another great fashion resource!

  9. Looking gorgeous Brenda – I kept trying to look at the skirt but was distracted by all your fantastic photos and how great you looked in each of them. I smiled at the bare feet pics – I bet those were more fun than standing in the uncomfortable heels! It’s a shame you can’t wear them anymore, but also nice to not really mind because comfort comes first these days.
    MLSTL and I’ve shared on my SM 🙂

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