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Well Deserved Makeovers for Women

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I’m a huge fan of before and after pics whether it’s in decorating, remodeling, or in fashion and beauty.

To me it showcases creativity which I love.

I came across this You Tube video, Ordinary Women in the Hands of a Stylist and immediately knew I had to share it.  I loved how this stylist transformed these women by changing their hair, makeup and wardrobe.

I always enjoy seeing the Today Show’s Ambush Makeovers.  I have featured them twice on my blog.

My first post, OMG Jaw Dropping Makeovers started with this gal who had neglected her hair.  The results were amazing.  I shared six other fabulous makeovers.

OMG Jaw Dropping Makeovers

The second post on 10 Ambush Makeovers includes a video of two of the women.  It’s amazing how tweaking a hair color and style can take years off the face.

Ambush Makeover

How Not to Look Old

I used to enjoy seeing Charla Krupp, a stylist that was featured on many shows including Oprah and The Today Show.  She wrote a book called How Not to Look Old.  It’s a fabulous book with great advice.  I have shared it with several friends.

The book is full of pictures for inspiration. Should you wear bangs or not?  Charla shows many before and after examples.  The same for lightening your hair.  Chapter 14, Slipping into the Perfect Pair of Jeans, offers great tips on how to find the right jeans.


Sadly, Charla passed away from breast cancer at the age of 58 in 2012.

The Woman’s Wakeup

The Woman's Wakeup

The Woman’s Wakeup isn’t just a great read!  Without reading one word from the book, you will enjoy every photo of these beautifully dressed women including 1010 Park Place’s Brenda Coffee.  Brenda has shared The Woman’s Wakeup on 1010 Park Place before but its worth sharing again.  I gave a copy of this book to several girlfriends as a Christmas gift this past year and they all loved it.


Seeking Professional Advice

We seek professional advice to get our taxes done or when we have a legal issue.  Why not seek out professional advice when it comes to fashion and beauty?   Whether it be in the form of a book, video or hiring a professional, sometimes we need to to look for advice to freshen up our style.

Recently my friend and I splurged and had a professional do our eye makeup.  The stylist taught me how to fill in my eyebrows using brown eye shadow and a flat thin brush.  I love this look so much better than using a pencil.

If you are in need of some fashion inspiration, visit a local boutique where you can get great advice from the staff.  At one of my favorite boutiques, the staff always shares with me which new pants they got in that fit my curvier figure.  Once they get to know you, they can call you when new items fitting your requirements come in.

Personal Shoppers

Several of my friends take advantage of Personal Shoppers.  Many department stores such as Nordstrom offer a Personal Shopper at no additional cost to you.   Even smaller stores offer this service.  They will shop the store for you and have clothing ready for you to try on at your scheduled appointment.  What my one friend likes is that they pull new clothing that meets her style requirements before it goes out on the rack.  She gets first dibs on new styles.

Where do you find your inspiration to freshen your looks?


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