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Susan Kanoff

I’ve never really been a scarf girl. I don’t like anything pulling around my neck. Necklaces are fine, but turtlenecks and scarves just bug me… until recently that is.

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There are two things I look for in clothes these days, coverage and layers. I can run hot and cold–you

There’s something so fabulous about faux fur. It can be chic, sophisticated, even a bit glamorous! From vests to coats,

For years it has been my dream to start a boutique for struggling women, using clothes as a tool for

What can be easier to wear than a maxi dress? It’s incredibly comfy, gives great coverage, and is super chic!

Fall in New England is so gorgeous…how can you not love the foliage, mums, pumpkins and of course the apples!

Animal print is on-trend this season, but did it really ever go out of style? A fabulous animal print dress