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Meet Our New Fashion Bloggers

Beth Djalali

With over 24,000 followers on Instagram, Beth Djalali, the style blogger behind the popular Style at a Certain Age and Susan Kanoff from the fabulous The MidLife Fashionista are joining 1010 Park Place to help us up our fashion game. Whether we work outside the home, workout, meet friends for lunch or our main squeeze for date night, it’s nice to have style input from someone who doesn’t talk in terms of “what to wear in your 40s, etc.” In case you missed Susan’s first post, check it out.

This week I caught up with Beth, but since neither of our phones were cooperating, we texted.

BRENDA: What’s your earliest fashion memory?

BETH: It begins with my mom. She had a great sense of style. Those were the days when you regularly wore a hat, and she owned several pairs of leather kid gloves in a variety of lengths, and she followed a lot of rules that were dictated at the time. She instilled a love of clothes I have to this day. We had many a shopping adventure through the years that always included lunch and a cocktail when I was old enough to join her.

BRENDA: “Ladies” had to dress a certain way then. If they didn’t, it wasn’t that they were not in fashion. It was like they weren’t cultured, or they were “cheap.”

BETH: Absolutely! My mother wouldn’t allow me to chew gum, or paint my nails, and I had to beg to have my ears pierced because young ladies didn’t do such a thing! But guess who had their ears pierced shortly afterward?

BRENDA: I didn’t get my ears pierced until I was 50! LOL! Mother would always say, “Why would someone want holes in their ears,” so I think that stuck with me for a long time.

BETH: And now they pierce more than just ears…

BRENDA: What’s the biggest fashion mistake you see women over 50 making?

BETH: Honestly, I don’t focus on fashion mistakes. Like many other boundaries—women with careers, glass ceilings, equal pay—I think Baby Boomers are pushing the fashion boundaries. I don’t necessarily focus on what we can or cannot wear. That’s what I love about style. It’s your interpretation of fashion.

My biggest style advice is always sport a fab haircut. Find the best stylist your budget can afford because your hair is your best accessory.

BRENDA: What’s missing from your closet?

BETH: Hmmm… There’s always room for an iconic handbag, shoes or silk scarf. These are luxurious accessories that stand the test of time.

BRENDA: Do you have a “go to” outfit?

BETH: I definitely have a style uniform: blazer, button-down, blue jeans and ballet flats. The 4 B’s.

BRENDA: What’s your handbag of choice?

BETH: I typically look for an iconic shape like a hobo bag or a structured bag. Totes are also a nice addition. The saddle bag is big this year, and I have one eye out for one.

BRENDA: Women get to the age where their feet aren’t high heel friendly. What do you think of the sneaker trend? When I look back at Lauren Hutton, she’s been wearing sneakers for decades.

BETH: I’ve always been a big fan of sneakers. You just have to find the right pair, or pairs, to partner with your outfits. I have a white pair of leather Keds I’m wearing with a striped t-shirt dress on my trip to New York. New Balance look great with skinny jeans.

Stay tuned for more of Beth Djalali’s and Susan Kanoff’s style inspirations.


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20 thoughts on “Meet Our New Fashion Bloggers”

  1. A warm welcome to Beth and Susan! I agree with Beth that Baby Boomers are pushing the fashion boundaries. I find far more style inspiration from women who are older than me than ones my age or younger – who I find all look pretty much the same. I feel like I grow into my own personal style more and more each year and love the thought that my most stylish years are yet to come! Essie xx

    • Younger women “all look pretty much the same.” I just said that to someone, yesterday, Essie! I think the older demographic has the confidence to be an individual and not look like everyone else. Thank goodness! xoxo, Brenda

    • Jen, These ladies know their stuff! Like you, it’s been way too easy for me to live in yoga pants. Love your idea of a routine where you put on a jacket and T and a pair of jeans. I must return to dressing, not lounging.

  2. These ladies know their stuff! Like you, it’s been way too easy for me to live in yoga pants. Love your idea of a routine where you put on a jacket and T and a pair of jeans. I must return to dressing, not lounging.

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