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Great Tips on How to Pose in Pictures

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Recently I was at a party where a friend was taking pictures. She had a tip for us on how to pose for the photo. Stick your neck out slightly, and then tilt your head slightly down. Out and down were all I needed to hear. I gave it a try and actually liked the results.

It reminded me of the recent sequel to “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.” When the mother and aunt were having their pictures taken, the aunt said, “I will hold your neck, you hold mine,” It was one of my favorite lines.

I’ve gathered some other tips from the pros on how to pose in pictures. Be sure to click on each link for additional tips.

Put Your Hands on Your Hips for a Slimmer Look

The Fashion Spot interviewed Getty Images staff photographer, Jamie McCarthy, for her best advice. One of her tips is to put your hands on your hips. “It can accentuate your waist, give you the perception of being slimmer and even make the photo look more natural and animated instead of just stiff with your arms at your sides.” With that being said, its not for every photo!  

Put Your Hands on Your Hips

Avoiding Red Eye

Real Simple Magazine shared their tips on how to avoid appearing possessed in your next photo by affixing your eyes on a lamp or the nearest light source right before the photo is taken. (Red-eye usually occurs in a dim room when the irises have opened up so much that the retinas, which are red with blood vessels, light up when the flash hits them.) When the pupils fix on something bright, they shrink, reducing the potential for red-eye.

Use Your Tongue

Style Caster shared a trick Heidi Klum and Renee Zellweger do to avoid a double chin. By pressing your tongue on the roof of your mouth while smiling is an effective way to help avoid the dreaded double chin, as it elongates your neck and your jawline. 

Play Up Your Brows

Beauty writer, Eleanor Langston, says to play up your brows. “Darkening them by one shade with a pencil, wax, or powder will frame your face and balance out your makeup.”

How to Avoid Blinking

Woman’s Day says, “Don’t get caught with your eyes closed. Look down at the ground and look up right when it’s time to say cheese,” suggests Kim Alexander of Charleston, SC. “This helps you look fresh—not bored, staring at who knows what—and prevents blinking.”

What tips can you share on how to be more photogenic?

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