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Sunday Roasts

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Growing up, I have such fond memories of my mother’s cooking. On Sundays we ate our big meal of the day around 2:00 PM which was after Church and when my Dad got home from work. After dinner sometimes we would go visit relatives or they would come to our house. That’s a tradition I miss.  Did you “visit” when you were younger? I’m talking no holiday, no special reason other than to visit.

Often our Sunday meal would be some type of roast. Nothing smelled better than that roast in the oven, stuffed with garlic slivers and wonderful seasonings.

Roasts can be intimidating, but they’re actually easy to make. Once you get your timing down, then its just a matter of seasoning it and roasting it.  Here are three recipes for you to try.

Sunday Pot Roast with Onions, Carrots and Potatoes

When I think of pot roast, I think of comfort food, don’t you? Food Network star, Marti Duncan, shared her mom’s Sunday Pot Roast from her childhood on her website. I had the pleasure of meeting Marti at the BAM Blog conference in Nashville last spring. Loved hearing her story of how she made it to the Food Network.

Marti Duncan's Pot Roast

Perfect Eye of Round Roast

This Eye of the Round Roast from The Domestic Man sounds perfect for entertaining as you can make it a couple of hours in advance! Yes, in advance! You first cook it at a high temperature, then turn off the oven, and let it sit in there for 2 1/2 hours! I love that you can prepare this hours ahead and free up your time to prepare the other sides, even dessert. I can’t wait to try this unusual recipe.

Perfect Eye of Round Roast

Company Beef Tenderloin

This is my easy, go to Beef Tenderloin recipe. It’s a more expensive cut of meat but truly foolproof thanks to one of my favorite kitchen gadgets. If a whole tenderloin is more than you need, cut the ends off and freeze it for other uses such as beef stroganoff.

Company Beef Tenderloin

Did you grow up eating roasts on Sunday?




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