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Gorgeous Gray Hair

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This past year there was a trend for younger women to dye their hair gray. Yes gray! It’s a trend I don’t get. But going gray, naturally, is a different story.

Gray hair today is so different than 50 years ago! A stylish cut can make all the difference in making gray hair look fresh, instead of old. It’s not for everyone, me included. I don’t have the right coloring. But I have seen some gorgeous gray hair on women and have thought, WOW! How lucky they don’t have to sit in the salon every month coloring their hair.  

If you are tired of dying your hair and thinking of going gray, try on some wigs and see how you look. It can be stunning, depending on your natural skin tone. It was the right choice for these women. They look gorgeous!

beautiful-gray-hairstylevia The Right Hairstyles 


via The Right Hairstyles

Gorgeous Gray Hair

via Women’s Kingdom

Straight Gray Hair

Via Hub Pages

Glamourous Gray

via Hub Pages

Salt and Pepper Hair

via Hub Pages

Are you a candidate to go gray? If so, here’s a good article from Prevention Magazine, 4 Ways To Go Gray Gorgeously. They offer great advice on how to go gray and how to maintain it.  


  • Susan LaFevers August 2, 2017 at 7:37 pm

    These women are beautiful. And you have every right to make your hair whatever color you wish if you choose to color the grey. But to say that you “don’t have the right coloring?” Your natural coloring is what it is – just as the shade of grey your hair is (or would turn if you allowed). I happen to think that the natural grey we all have will complement our skin tone. Just my thinking.

    • Brenda Coffee August 2, 2017 at 9:24 pm

      Aren’t these women beautiful? If I thought I’d look great grey, I’d do it, but after chemo for breast cancer I let it grow back grey and thought I looked washed out. Brenda

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