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This outfit makes me think of something Megan Markle—Prince Harry’s bride—would wear. Trench coats are such classics, and you can wear them with everything. But this olive trench steps things up a notch, because it’s not the same old tan trench coat we’ve seen forever, and it looks so smart with black.

Just so you know, tan is not my color. Everyone tells me it would look great with my auburn hair, but… No can do. I’ve tried, more than once, to wear tan/beige, but it winds up hanging in the back of my closet unloved and unworn. 

This gorgeous olive trench lights up all of my buttons, and it’s looks particularly great styled like the outfit in the photo. And by belting your trench coat, it elevates even a casual outfit worn underneath.

Wear your trench over workout clothes with sneakers, black leather pants or leggings and a long-sleeved t-shirt in black, white or even plum.

Or for a dressier date night look, add a pair of neutral colored, Chanel look-alike “cap toe” flats like the ones in the photo or a pair of comfortable, black flats. An instant classic!

This tote is almost big enough to be a weekender bag. If you don’t want a bag this big, there are lots of smaller, black bags that will keep this outfit looking polished and sharp. The model in this photo also has her Louis Vuitton notebook and a large pair of black sunglasses to complete the look.

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  1. I love this look and do it often, though my trench is the typical tan. Olive makes me look under the weather.
    Those shoes are what really grabbed me. I love them. I have a similar pair that’s tan and cream, but too summery for now. The black toe makes the style look legit for winter, though you could wear these in summer, too. Versatility is the best virtue in apparel.

    • TOF, Isn’t it interesting how color can make us look amazing or like we have one foot in the grave. Tan does that to me, but olive doesn’t. “Versatility… ” So true! Every piece of clothing I’m interested in I think about how I can wear it with other things. Hope you’ve had a wonderful week! Brenda

  2. This is a classic look. I love the trench although my own is black. The shoes are my favorite, I have a pair by Ferragamo that I have had for years. As for the leather pants, not fo me but they do look great on many women.

    • Hi Elizabeth, I know just the Ferragamo’s you’re talking about. I’ve always wanted a pair. They’re classics, like the trench. I hear you that leather pants aren’t for you… I thought the same thing and that Vinetta, my sales associate friend at Neiman’s, was crazy for suggesting them because I was too old for leather pants. NOT!! I love, love, love them! Even if you don’t go the route of leather of faux leather–those are great as well–black, ankle length jeans that sit on the waist are so versatile. JBrand, Levis and NYDJ have some you’d like. Thanks for leaving me a note, Brenda

  3. Love a trench, mine is black, but this olive is fabulous. You’ve convinced me to take a risk and order the Hue faux leggings. Great price, should be fun!

    • Juliet, Brava!! Hue makes great leggings! I have several pair. One is velvet and another has a dark grey/brown tweed pattern. They’re reasonably priced, super comfortable and wash well. Let me know if you like them!! Brenda

  4. I love the idea of a trench coat. So up or down!
    Yeah. Tan isn’t my favourite, either. It makes me all one colour.
    But I love these looks. Going to see what I can do…

    • You’re so right about that, Diane! Tan makes most of us all one color. Our generation doesn’t wear winter hats as much as millennials, but a black, brown, plum or even gray hat or beret would help break up the monotone. Thanks for the smart reply! Brenda

  5. I had an olive trench when I was working. It was my go to almost everyday. I loved that coat but donated it when I retired. I could get on with the more relaxed ones you’ve shown. I love my military jackets and reach for them often, so I could see that fitting into my more relaxed wardrobe. As for leather pants – I tried them but the shine seemed to emphasize the size of your thighs. Mine are not as thin as they once were, so I’ll pass. I do wear skinny. Black jeans though. Those shoes are a classic but with narrow feet they seem to slip.

    • Hi Joanna, Not all leather pants and leggings are shiny. Perhaps you might check out the ones you run across. You might surprise yourself. Also, skinny jeans, of any color, show the size of our thighs. I’ll pass on skinny jeans. Thanks so much! Brenda

  6. Brenda, again – something I’d been wanting but was too lazy to hunt for: Hue “leather leggings!” Just ordered a pair.
    I love Hue, wore them for years standing on my feet at work – over support hose.
    These are so chic.
    Thank you!

    • Hi Donna! Happy to jog your memory! I only discovered Hue a few years ago and love their products. They are chic and comfortable but hadn’t thought about “the support” side of them, but I imagine you’re right. xoxox, Brenda

  7. I have a classic tan trench that works because my skin tends to read as “neutral” (if that makes any sense!). When I add a black cashmere sweater and white jeans underneath, pearl studs and a hit of red lipstick, I feel classy and put together! Great outfit suggestion, Brenda! I’m going to pull out my coated black denim Eileen Fisher pants – they’ll work great with this look.

    • Hi Val, I LOVE coated jeans!!! They’re classy and flashy all at the same time! You’re a blonde, so I can see how color next to your face, like a black sweater, and some red lipstick are just what you need. And the pearl studs… Nice!!! xoxox, Brenda

    • Hi Victoria, Isn’t it a great look? You could do something similar with your black trench coat. I’m fair complected with a lot of yellow undertones but not every olive reacts on me like it does on you. Funny how colors can either make us look fabulous or like we’re on death’s door! xoxox, Brenda

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