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Sleep Like a Cavewoman

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I often refer back to cavemen when I try to ponder the human condition. If you’d been a cavewoman, you would have rarely gotten a solid six hours of sleep. The average primitive human life was only 20 years. During that time, you’d almost certainly have babies at your side–and your breast–plus everything was out to get you and your babies: weather, things that fall or roll, animals, even other humans. You would have slept with one eye open because at any moment you might have to get up, grab your kids and RUN!

Those of you who don’t sleep well would have been amazing cavemommies. That was our purpose back then: to procreate and keep the babies alive. You would have accomplished that all-important goal because you would have been prepared. The male didn’t have your burden, plus he was stronger and quicker, so he could wake up from a deep sleep to defend himself or RUN!

Did you know anxiety over sleeplessness actually causes more sleeplessness? Take out the anxiety factor by realizing you will eventually get the sleep you need. It might not be all at the same time, but don’t try to put yourself into a sleep pattern developed by civilized man who slept when the sun went down because they couldn’t get any work done. Have peace with sleeplessness. It’s natural.

When you wake up at 2AM, and your cavehubby is snoring away, don’t lie awake fretting about your sleeplessness. Get up. Go to another room where you have already stored a nice thick blanket, the sweetest pillow you can buy, and a book you actually look forward to reading. Go to that snuggly place of safety, and hide… until you can go back to sleep, or do something productive, and be at peace with it. Our primitive ancestors probably got a lot done when the sun went down. Think about it.


  • 1010ParkPlace October 28, 2016 at 10:00 am

    Barbara, You’re right about worrying about your lack of sleep only makes it worse. Years ago I went for three days without sleep. It was scary. Brenda

  • Barbara Bergin November 1, 2016 at 12:13 pm

    I know exactly what you’re talking about. I used to get really anxious about it too. Then I came up with my caveman concepts, and started relating many general ortho and medical conditions to the natural human. I started accepting my sleeplessness and then it just got better! This concept is
    especially important with regard to musculoskeletal disease, and in fact I have a contract for my “Sit Like A Man and Act Like a Caveman” book, which will be out next year. Of course everyone is familiar with caveman diets (Paleo), but let’s not stop there. Some of my 1010ParkPlace blogs in the future will address other concepts related to my caveman theories! Thanks for letting me share them with your readers!

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