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Please tell me you and your loved ones have survived the hurricane, the tornados and the terrible rains our country’s been experiencing. We’re just shy of three weeks into the month, and already we’re on target for this to be the wettest September in San Antonio’s recorded history, and we’re not done. So far Annie and Lulu have loved every drop of the 18.5 inches our yard has gotten… Me? Not so much… Eight muddy feet, coming in and out multiple times a day… Rain boots you say? They’re not interested, however…

I don’t know about you, but I could use some new rainwear.

I love this first raincoat from ASOS because it has more pizzaz than a typical tan trench coat. It’s also on sale and won’t break the bank!

Of course if you love tan trench coats, what’s more iconic than a Burberry trench? Made in England from cotton-gabardine and their famous checked lining, Burberry trenches have all the hallmarks of a military, “Kensington” style coat. Burberry also has long and short trenches in a variety of colors.

And since we’re preparing for rain, we’ll need an umbrella.

Keith Richards… Have I got an umbrella for you!

The handle on this Alexander McQueen umbrella matches the silver skull on your ring. You can also have an umbrella with Sugar and Etta’s image running around the edge! You know they’d appreciate that.

For those of you who don’t know, Sugar and Etta are experienced world travelers. They even have their own Rolling Stones’s VIP backstage passes–with barcodes–they wear on their collars. Hey! Security’s tight back there! 

Really chic blanket, girls!

Here are a few more fun umbrellas…

Now for some Singing in the Rain Boots! Stay safe out there, my friends! Turn around. Don’t drown!

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  1. I used to have shiny black rubber boots that I just loved. Now I have rubber boots with multicolored polka dots. They make me smile. I have a khaki trench that gets much use, but I would also love a shorter, bright yellow or bright red shiny trench. I also have a microfiber waterproof that I bought during a downpour in Paris years ago; it still looks great and, very practical, it has a hood, so an umbrella isn’t necessary.
    Here in the south of France, it’s warm (mid-to-upper 80s) and bone dry. Still swimming. I wish you could send some of that rain this way.

    • TOF, I would give anything to blow the rain your direction! This morning I noticed a huge crop of mushrooms growing out of a big terra-cotta pot with one of my topiaries. Looked like fairyland, but I pulled them out so Annie and Lulu wouldn’t eat them. Not sure if they’re bad for dogs. Because it’s usually warm, here, and we don’t get that much rain, my rain gear is lacking. BTW… Swooning over your blackberry pie! xoxox, Brenda

  2. Have you tried clothing from ASOS? Their website is loaded with fun fashion and the company mission admirable. Not sure, however, about buying from across the pond—and all the issues that returns might entail.

    • Hi Marita, Some of the raincoats I’ve featured here on this post are from ASOS. They’re labeled so you can easily spot them. I buy things from across the pond and don’t have any problems returning them. Check their return policy. Thanks, Brenda

  3. We need some rain! I don’t need boots, raincoats or umbrellas. Although that McQueen one is quite the thing. Rain is what we need in California. BTW, theose Stones collars are just the best.

    • Hi Sandy, We needed the rain here in San Antonio and the Hill Country as well. I read Penny’s blog and see what everyone in Santa Barbara’s going through and imagine they get nervous at the thought of another rain! Yes… Sugar and Etta are very loved little girls… and you are appreciated! xoxox, Brenda

  4. I rarely have a need for a raincoat here in dry Idaho and what a shame because raincoats can be a neat fashion accessory. I wore my rain poncho while hiking in England this month and though it was quite unattractive, and could double as a parasail, it did the trick. Honestly, you can find very nice raincoats at thrift shops! People are always getting rid of them.

    • Hi Jean, I wouldn’t have associated raincoats with thrift shops, but then why not? Everything’s there! Hiking in England… Tell me more! Sounds wonderful. Seriously… Where did you hike? Brenda

  5. I have promised myself a knee-length raincoat for years… and those two by ASOS are both fun and chic. This may finally be the year I sing in the rain, rather than run for cover under a tiny umbrella! Thank you for doing the leg-work, Brenda!

    • I know, Donna! I’ve always wanted a chic, knee-length raincoat, but with as little wear as I’d get out of it here in Texas, I couldn’t justify the price when there were other clothes I’d rather have. xoxox, Brenda

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