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Seeing Red


All I’m seeing lately in magazines, on the red carpet, on the street and on Instagram is the color RED. Red is always stylish, but this season it’s all the rage.

Women tell me all the time that they can’t wear red. They say they don’t look good in red; it’s too bold; they don’t want to draw attention to themselves…  Are they right? NO! I believe red is flattering on everyone. So what’s the secret to wearing red?

The secret is wearing the right SHADE of red.

Red comes in so many different shades from cherry red, to coral, to rose and burgundy. So how do you determine which shades look best on you? It can be as simple as asking friends and family or noticing when you receive compliments while wearing red. Or if you want to look a little deeper, know what your skin’s under and surface tones are. Find out if you have warm, cool or neutral undertones. Here are two helpful articles that explain how to determine what colors look best on you – here and here.  But if you really want to get it right, have a color analysis done by a professional. It is money well spent. Wearing colors that are complimentary on you can be the difference between looking tired and drawn and looking vibrant and refreshed.

For instance I don’t look good in a blue red or burgundy, but an orange or warm red is perfect for me. If I want to wear a blue red or burgundy I won’t wear it near my face, but in my accessories.

Anyone can work red into their wardrobe. If you are hesitant, try wearing a red shoe or bootie, or carry a red clutch, or maybe a red scarf, or how about a bright red nail polish? And nothing is more chic than donning a red lipstick. I think one reason people shy away from wearing red lipstick is they are wearing the wrong shade for their coloring.

Nothing lifts your mood or lights up your face more than putting on the right shade of red lipstick.

If you are comfortable with wearing red and know your perfect shade, wear it from head to toe. It is a stunning look.

I’ve heard women say they feel better when they wear red, and I know there is something to this. When I feel tired and need a little lift I reach for some red. It’s invigorating. The power of red cannot be overstated. Are you seeing RED yet?

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Cherie James is the creative force behind the popular style blog, Style Nudge. She’s a stylist, mother of two daughters and two sons, is crazy about her three poodles and a life-long collector of unique treasures. Cherie’s inspired by vintage and one-of-a-kind pieces, working like an artist to style people, places and things. Seeing the world through style-colored glasses, she believes clothes can only take you so far. It’s how you wear them that creates fabulous style. Her mantra is “style is more than what we wear. It’s about how we cultivate and live our lives.” Style Nudge focuses on nudging women to embrace imperfection, find their own style and take risks to express their individual personalities. Cherie believes, above all else, that style is ageless. She lives in New Jersey with her photographer–her youngest daughter–and her husband, who‘s her biggest fan.

10 thoughts on “Seeing Red”

  1. Cherie, you exemplify the best of American style! I adore red and have always found it a very flattering and attention grabbing color. Maybe you have to be totally comfortable with drawing attention before you can wear red?!? (Are those Roger Vivier pumps?)

    • Hi! If you are referring to the red flat with the silver buckle, the answer is yes they are Roger Vivier. Good eye you have. And, thank you for your wonderful compliment.

  2. Hi Nexvan, I am translating your comment for others to read…I love fashion and lifestyle. The red dress is very beautiful. I’m so glad you love the red dress, thank you!

  3. My skin tone doesn’t look good in red lipsticks or red clothes. Some plums are good for clothes, but not on my face. Anything that has a hint of blue or purple in it, and I steer clear. I agree with Financial Woman that it takes confidence to wear red. It also takes confidence to wear anything that makes you stand out. Too many women don’t want to be noticed. xoxox, Brenda

  4. True, too many women do not want to be noticed, but I think they would if they knew that they looked their best. I would love to play with different shades of red on you Brenda. How about brick red? XO cherie

  5. Cherie, Love this article — Red is such a great color and your post is wonderful. The Kimona is incredible as are the purses in red. Can’t wait for the next article.

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