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Pink is one of the most popular colors for 2018, and it seems to have resonated with women of all ages. Some women are wearing pink with red… Remember when we were told that was a no-no?

Other than a hot pink bathing suit I bought in my 40’s, this may be the only other pink item of clothing I’ve ever bought. Surprise! I like it.

Today I mixed pale pink with a column of all white, which is very slimming because it’s just one color. You can use this same color top and bottom trick under any coat, jacket or sweater. Also pale pink and white don’t make an overwhelming color statement. They’re soft and elegant.

I’ve never been crazy about blazers, but I’ve aways been drawn to long sweaters and jackets, probably because I think they have a little more pizzaz and aren’t quite as conservative. Because it was pink, I first passed on this lightweight, faux, ultra suede jacket, but I’m glad I tried it on. It’s lovely, and it was only $68. Unfortunately I couldn’t find this one, but here are four that are similar.

I love this Wendy Stevens “La Sera” bag! I bought it at an art gallery in Maine when I went to see my friends the summer after James died, so I’ve had it for seven years. All of Wendy Stevens’s bags are made from stainless steel with a magnetic closure, and soft leather that comes in a number of colors. The workmanship is perfection! Her bags are statement pieces, sure to get comments wherever you are. Here are some silver bags that aren’t Wendy Stevens, but are pretty.

In this picture my Stuart Weitzman espadrilles look pink, but they’re silver, which is considered a neutral color. While they’re sold out of this shoe, I love their silver Nudist sandal, which you can also get in gold. In addition here are some other silver shoes of varying price points!

Last December when I met Tina Brown, former Editor-in-Chief of Vanity Fair magazine, she flipped over my Stuart Weiztman shoes! You can see her pointing to them. Hmm… This photo makes me look heavier than I thought I was, however… Tina looks like Tina, which must mean I’m heavier than I thought I was! Real or imagined, it’s funny how we perceive ourselves, isn’t it? 

I’m wearing the same Mariquita Masterson necklace I wore when I met Tina Brown. It follows my mother’s rule that if you occasionally buy something really nice, you’ll have it forever. I’ve had this so long… I don’t remember when I bought it. You’ll notice my necklace, belt, purse and shoes are all silver, so they tie in together and don’t fight one another like they would if they each were a different color.

In a previous Fashion Friday post, many of you liked my Oliver Peoples frames (not my sunglasses) and have asked about them. The frames are called “Keery”and have a metal filigreed temple and bridge with a slightly upswept eye that lifts the face. They come in four different colors.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Is anyone getting up early to watch the Royal wedding? I’m thinking about it… Then, again… Maybe I’ll DVR it.

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  1. I will never tire of this Blush Pink colour! I’m intrigued to try it with Red. I haven’t tried that one yet . Have a great weekend.
    Laurie x

    • Hi Laurie, Have you seen some of the soft leather handbags in blush? So far I’ve managed to avoid buying one, although I go back and click on them again and again. They’re so gorgeous! Let me see a photo of you if you pair pink with red. Thanks so much for stopping by, Brenda

  2. Darling Brenda,
    Re the pic with Tina Brown: I think you should not criticise yourself quite so harshly, as this picture was taken at one of – no, THE – worst and most unflattering angle that anyone can be filmed or photographed from. Firstly, it is almost side on, but worse, you are twisting at an angle so it looks like an action shot but it has fully captured all of your rib cage, midriff and hips turning side on and leaning forward. I have never written before, but I truly think you are one of the most naturally beautiful, classy and stylish women that I have ever seen and if I saw you pass me in the street, I would instantly want to know more about you and feel as though I were in the presence of someone uncommonly beautiful both inside and out. You look amazing in all the photo shoots and that is because your lovely photographer knows exactly how to take a picture so it brings out the real beauty of you. Don’t take to heart one badly taken picture off an iPhone. They don’t do any of us any justice, let’s say for argument’s sake they add at least 7lbs. And I love your shoes. And your pink coat. And don’t be insecure, you are our role model for moving forward into complete acceptance of who we are, unflattering or heavier than we would like to think we really are, we need a knight in armour to show us the way – if not you then who? Xxxxxx

    • Dear TJ, I keep reading and rereading your comment, and I’m stunned and grateful. You’re kind and sweet and have managed to make me feel better about that photo, and yes… Jennifer Denton is a truly talented photographer. We make a great team. She’s as much a part of my Fashion Friday posts as I am. You want to talk about beautiful? I should feature her some Friday… tall, blonde and a natural beauty. The only problem is, she’s still under 50! While I started as a journalist and filmmaker/photographer, I’ve always dressed well, even when going to the dry cleaners. It’s just been recently I’ve started being on the other side of the camera, so I’m still learning and getting comfortable. In many ways I’m representative of so many women over 50: My hair is thinning; I haven’t done anything to fight lines or gravity; I wear glasses and can no longer wear high heels… That’s the one of those I miss most! My biggest hope is that women can identify with me in some way and maybe come to see how they take care of and present themselves in a new light. Respect starts with respecting ourselves, and that I’ve always done. So thanks for being my cheerleader as I step in front of the camera!! I appreciate your note more than you know. xoxox, Brenda

  3. Brenda,
    So nice to see beautiful clothes joyfully worn by a natural (role) model like you! I have only worn pink once… but this outfit is a breath of fresh air. And silver shoes, woo-hoo!

    • Thank you, sweet friend. I’ll be up as well. I hope we never get too jaded that a Royal wedding doesn’t interest us. I’ll do an OJ toast to you as the bride and groom walks out of the church and into the sunlight! XOXOX, Brenda

  4. You have such a Great Smile , your photos are fantastic , and your articles are fun and light … always look forward to 1010 Parkplace

    • Awe…. Thank you, Renee! I’m so happy you like 1010ParkPlace. It’s what I wanted when I started my site, and I hoped women would find their way here and tell their girlfriends! Let me know if there’s something you’d like me to cover. xoxox, Brenda

  5. Brenda, I adore everything in your ensemble! It’s fabulous. The pale pink is so flattering and I just realized I dressed Hildie in her pale pink dress! Great fashion minds think alike. The silver shoes….love!!!!

    • Hi Jill, “The silver shoes… ” Aren’t they fabulous? I wore them to a concert the other night and a woman tried to buy them off my feet!!! Seriously! I’m happy to know Hildie and I are of like minds! xoxox, Brenda

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