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“I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date.”

And just how important was that date, when you’re sitting in the ER with a broken wrist and nose? We’re always in such a big hurry, and if it’s not an important date we’re headed to, we just think we’re running out of time. We’re even in a hurry to be at leisure.

A lot of patients who show up in my office with broken bones and torn ligaments have been victims of rushing!

They were in a hurry to get somewhere, not paying attention to their surroundings and came into fast, hard contact with the Earth. They didn’t see the speed bump or the pothole. Or they had to get their housecleaning done in an hour–rather than two–and they twist around, tripping over the vacuum cord or the edge of a rug. Then of course we must power walk, rather than walk at a relatively leisurely pace, which results in falls, tendonitis and stress fractures. FYI it doesn’t necessarily result in greater fitness or weight loss.

What can we do to prevent these situations and thereby prevent these conditions and injuries?

Simply slow down and smell the roses! Be more aware of your environment as you walk. Give yourself plenty of time to get somewhere so you’re not in such a rush. Sometimes I must berate myself. I have 30 minutes to get somewhere that’s 20 minutes away. Rather than giving myself time to spare, I’ll go and make a call, or straighten something up, and then leave for my destination, which often results in the need to rush. Crazy!

And slow down when you’re working out. Forcing yourself to speed up when lifting weights or doing aerobic exercise, just so you get it done faster, is not good for your health.

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Dr. Barbara Bergin is a board certified Orthopedic Surgeon who has been taking care of the bones and joints of Austin, Texas, for over 30 years. She prefers prevention to treatment and takes a natural approach to both when possible. By informing her readers and patients through 1010ParkPlace and her blog,, she wants to prevent 100,000 injuries before she retires.


  1. I do the same thing when I have extra time. It’s a good thing I have a strong core and good balance because there have been several times, since I’ve gotten two puppies, they could have made me have a nasty fall. A cautionary tale to all. Thanks, Barbara!

  2. I do get to places early…………..
    I do watch my STEP.
    My balance is not what it use to be.
    GOOD ARTICLE because so many people are running!I know I think I’m always running out of time!

  3. I worked with the elderly for years and I’ve seen first hand how devistating falls can be so I’m always being careful. But a few months ago I tore a ligament and other in fun things in my thumb, squeezing a lemon. I was in a hurry. Ouch!

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