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I started today’s Fashion Friday post to report that Mom Jeans and Skinny Jeans are out plus I included “Five Tips for Wearing Denim.” Then I got to thinking… Since leggings, skinny pants and cropped pants hit the market, I haven’t seen many women over 50 wearing jeans, so I’m curious.

Do you still wear jeans, be they blue, black or colored jeans?

Over the winter my go to pants have been black jeans or black leather, straight-leg pants, but in the last few weeks I’ve been wearing my 10-year-old, blue denim, straight-leg, high-waist, ankle jeans, and I love them!

Blue jeans didn’t become part of my wardrobe until I was in my 20’s. I remember wearing blue jeans, high heels, an off the shoulder, white, ruffled Mexican blouse, a grey, snakeskin, Barry Kieselstein-Cord belt with a silver buckle, black aviators and shoulder length, Diana Ross “wild hair” when I went to visit mother in Dallas. We were going to her favorite lunch spot in Highland Park Village, and she was horrified about my “look.”

I still have the belt although the band is the worse for wear and the silver is nicked. Oh, the things this belt has seen! These are kitten heels, but they’re similar to a pair of opalescent, snakeskin high heels I used to wear with jeans.

Mother was always dressed to the nines with hose, heels, a matching bag and a chic suit or pantsuit. Much to her credit mother was a smart shopper. She had a special knack for only buying designer clothes on sale; she bought elegant costume jewelry that looked like the real thing, and she was a wizard at styling a scarf, but I never saw mother in a pair of jeans!

While most of our mother’s generation didn’t wear jeans… Have we stopped wearing jeans?

Fashion designers have brought back “Mom Jeans” although they’re now called “High-Rise” or “High-Waist” jeans, but I’m wondering if they’ll be worn mainly by younger women who glom onto trends? BTW… If we aren’t a size zero, high-waisted jeans are the only jeans we can wear without having our excess wonderfulness drape over our waistband. Remember the Original Levi’s 501? If we want to wear jeans, they’re a good choice.

Levi’s 501 Original Fit Jeans, $69.50

Skinny jeans are on the way out as well, but because they’ve become a uniform for many women, I don’t think they’ll ever disappear from the racks. Like low-waisted jeans, skinny jeans aren’t flattering on most of us, but the idea of styling them with ankle boots and a black leather moto jacket is beyond cool and hip for any age. Levi’s 724 High rise straight jeans are another good choice because…

We can still do that with Mom Jeans!

Levi’s 724 High Rise Straight Jeans, $59.50

That said about high-waisted jeans and skinny jeans reportedly being “out,” I’ve been looking for high-waisted, straight-leg jeans and other than Levi’s and NYDJ, most high-waisted jeans ARE SKINNY, and those that aren’t are as rare as an albino armadillo! Grrrr…. What’s the deal fashion designers? And what if you give us a pair in peach or pale yellow for spring and summer?


  • Dark or medium blue denim makes you look thinner than light blue denim.
  • Don’t buy jeans with pockets that ride low on your backside. They make you look like you’ve got a big ‘ole saggy butt.
  • Don’t buy jeans with sparkly pockets in the back. They call attention to your butt.
  • Pair slim or straight-fit jeans with a wider top. It’s more pleasing to the eye.
  • And for the same reason, pair wide-leg jeans with a slim blouse or a structured jacket or blazer.

Tip number five reminds me of a girlfriend in college whose grandmother always cut the “red” Levi’s tag off the back pocket of my friend’s jeans. Grandmother said it was like waving a red flag in front of a bull. LOL!

QUESTION: Do you wear jeans or have leggings, skinny pants and cropped pants become your go to?

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48 thoughts on “DO YOU STILL WEAR JEANS?”

  1. I’m 71 (seeing that in print astounds me, when did that happen??) I still wear jeans for casual outings like hanging out at the wineries, walks around the lake with my honey, visiting Lewis Ginter or Meadowlark Gardens or attending an outdoor concert where everyone sits on blankets on the ground at Wolf Trap. I wear high or mid rise straight jeans and, surprisingly, I have black and dark dark blue from KMart. Their Basic Editions Classic style jeans fit me like they were bespoke. They are normally about $20, on sale through today for $16 at
    Another mid rise straight that I own in several colors is from Gloria Vanderbilt, available most everywhere.

    • Hi Brenda! I know what you mean about the age thing! I have a big one coming up in June, and I’m amazed. Parts of me are still the young woman who began wearing jeans in her 20’s and had wild, Diana Ross hair. The other parts of me are smarter and wiser and out of estrogen and big hair. I love the sound of your social calendar! You live in a great part of the country… Wolf Trap. I’ve never been but would love to go. Gloria Vanderbilt jeans were my favorites back in the day. Especially the ones in black velvet. I had several pairs. Thanks so much for the links. I’ll check them out! Brenda

    • I got a pare of aqua blue Kmart Basic Additions. So far so good, and they fit great. Love the color. They are on thinner side but that’s okay, not a huge fan of thick denim. I love Jacqueline Smith’s collection at Kmart too.

      • Hi Cat, Everything Jacqueline Smith does is great quality. Calico Corners had some of her fabric on sale. I used it to make blackout drapes in my bedroom, and it’s beautiful. Would love to find a pair of peach or aqua jeans! Will check out Kmart. Thanks, Cat, Brenda

  2. I’m 68 (as asked above, how did that happen?), 5’5”, 133 lbs, and absolutely still wear jeans. In fact, they are my “go-to” choice in pants. My favorite jeans are by Madewell—the 8” high-waist skinny in dark blue denim with “whiskers” at the tops of the legs. They hold their shape through numerous wearings—no knee bags or droopy butt. I find that NYDJ have too much Spandex/Lycra so they hug the body too tightly and look like “stretch” rather than denim. I also like Cabi jeans in various styles, although having lost weight recently my old standbys don’t fit well anymore. May be time for a refresh! As for skinny jeans going out of style, I’m not convinced that will happen anytime soon. They can be dressed up or down easily, and are more flattering on most women than leggings. If they look good on you, wear ‘em!

    • Marita, I know what you mean. That age thing is “going around,” but it sure beats the alternative. Funny how so many jeans get baggy, but now we have just the opposite problem. They look like they were painted on our body. Brava for losing weight!!! The best reason I know to buy new jeans! Thanks for adding to the conversation! Brenda

  3. Yes, I definitely wear jeans. I live in them in cooler weather, alternating with black leggings or Eileen Fisher black pants. My jeans are NYDJ, Chicos or Soft Surroundings right now, with one pair of Liverpool also in the mix. Darker colors except for one lighter wash that I mostly wear at home for chores. White & aqua for summer pop, and darker colors (avocado) in fall. Can’t imagine ever giving them up.

    • Hi Laurel, I haven’t tried Soft Surroundings’s jeans. Thanks for jogging my memory about them. I’ll head over to their site and see if I can find some pastel colors for spring and summer. Great contribution to the conversation! xoxo, Brenda

  4. I’m tall and fairly straight up and down – and I love jeans. Well, I loved them until skinny jeans became the only style you can buy – I hate them! It’s like peeling a sausage skin on and off! Give me a nice straight leg pair or boot cut and I’m a happy girl (and not too low rise – the muffin top needs a little bit of assistance these days!)

    • LOL Leanne! Know just what you mean! Until the last few years, I’ve been muffin top free, but no more, and I hate it. It doesn’t go away unless I lose enough weight so my face is too thin… which is aging. My favorite jeans are straight-leg or boot cut as well. Much more flattering on me. I wonder if we’ll still be wearing jeans when we’re in the old folks home? xoxox, Brenda

  5. I live in my Levi’s. Skinny to tuck into boots, (I’m a bit too knock-kneed to wear skinny jeans, otherwise) straight for daily, and my old boot-cuts have becomea fave over the winter. I wear Levi’s and LaurenRalphLauren. They have a great rise, and a straight leg that verges on a boot cut. And, Im buying a pair of Gap bell-bottoms to dress up, or down.

    • Donna, You like Ralph Lauren! I remember you bought one of his sweaters and wore it to dinner a few months ago. You have a great figure and can wear ANYTHING!! Let me know if the Gap jeans hold their shape. xoxox, Brenda

  6. I have quite a few jeans and since I’m in a laid back kinda environment, I dress them up and down. I like the ‘new’ high waisted old look, too. Jeans will never go out of style.

  7. Yes I still wear jeans and I will until I die. My 78 year old mother now wears designer jeans too and she wouldn’t have worn them 20 years ago. Denim never goes out of style. The styles go out of style. Just keep updating and keep them dark!

    • Lauren, LOL! When I was is my 20’s my mother predicted I’d die in a pair of blue jeans! They will never go out of style! What was the deciding factor that made your mother start wearing jeans? xoxo, Brenda

  8. I am a curvy 68 and its Gloria Vanderbilt for me – they fit the best of any, no matter the price! They run about $15 from Costco. I love the colors, not really into blue or black but olive green, salmon, silver, I’ve even searched for olive green when Costco did not have them.
    Jeans have turned out to be my go to pants but I can remember when “jeans” were forbidden for me. I purchased my first pair in college, embroidered them and traveled to Japan. Never wore them at home, just at college and traveling.

    • Hi Susanne! You and Donna O’Klock both embroidered your jeans in college! So cool. Gloria Vanderbilt used to be my go-to jeans. I remember having a pair that were so tight, when I took them off, the little GV swan was perfectly indented into my hip. I kind of liked that. My first tattoo, if you will. I will see what I can find in GV because I loved them so. Thanks for telling me!! xoxo, Brenda

  9. Yes, I’m wearing the pair of Levi boot cuts I bought and stored before skinnies took over. I’m a pear shape, so this cut works the best. Frankly, I’m bored with jeans, so I bought sweater dresses this year to wear with tights and boots, and it was a nice change. But I think jeans are necessary to the population because that’s where their cell phone goes. Pockets and cell phones, a marriage that will be hard to change.

    • I agree with you, Eileen, about pockets and cellphones. You do have to be careful when you visit the loo, however. I had my cellphone in my back pocket and forgot it. Plop!! It was only in the water for a second. It seemed to be fine but over the ensuing months, little things started to go wrong with it. Last month I had to buy a new cellphone. I LOVE sweater dresses and am bored with blue jeans as well so I’m looking for some that are pastel. Thanks for weighing in on the conversation, Brenda

  10. When I’m not in leggings, I’m in jeans – at least until the weather gets too hot! I have a couple different lengths and styles, everyday jeans and ones I consider more dressy. I don’t think I’ll ever be too old to stop wearing them.

  11. I never used to wear jeans, I have a thick waist and straight hips and I have found them uncomfortable, even painful. I discovered jeggings when a young sales associate at Nordstrom’s told me both she and her mom wore them because they’re so comfortable. I wear them almost every day now in the winter along with my EF ponte black pants, which I used to waear exclusively. I always used to look dressed up in the black pants. The jeggings look more casual and hip, according to my 30 year old daughter. I just ordered a pair of slight bootleg ones from Soft Surroundings. In warm weather I wear capris and dresses here in Southern California.

    • Hi Cindylou, Ponte is such a great fabric, isn’t it? You’re right: They always look dressier. You’re the second woman to mention Soft Surroundings. I’m going to give them a look and see what they’ve got. I have a couple of pairs of leggings from Nordstrom’s as well, and they’re so comfortable. Dresses… I’ve been looking online for a summery dress but they all show too much cleavage and arms. Still looking though. Thanks for the great info! Brenda

  12. I love jeans! They are the easiest pant to wear. I only buy dark wash and black jeans. I think the distressed trend is for the young so I’ve passed. My granddaughters wear them. I just can’t get my head around paying good money for ripped jeans. I love skinnies for winter as they tuck nicely into tall boots and show off your booties. I think they will always be in style. I also have straight leg and bootcut. I recently bought a pair of cropped jeans for the warmer weather. I think they’ll be cute with sandals or white runners.
    Yes, we need to be careful of pocket placement. We want to look just as good walking away as coming into a room.
    I follow trends diligently but pick & choose ones that fit my age (66), body type ( tall & slim ), lifestyle ( relaxed, casual – for the most part) and personal style. Designers and manufacturers keep telling us what’s in, what’s out so they can sell more clothes. Skinnies out? I say No!

    • LOL! Yes, we’re on to those designers, Joanna! They want to sell more clothes and the younger women are slaves to trends more than we are, don’t you think? Granddaughters are great for giving us youthful input about fashion, however. Distressed jeans? No way, Jose! That’s what we used to wear to work around the house. xoxox, Brenda

  13. I only have ONE PAIR of JEANS and they are NOT REAL JEANS!
    I rarely wear them ………in fact I have not worn JEANS since my 30’s and I have NO IDEA WHY!!!

    • Elizabeth, I know why you haven’t worn jeans since your 30’s! Let’s start with working for Gucci, living in Italy and being a “contessa.” Hello! Jeans don’t fit your “resume.” You have a Barry Kieselstein-Cord belt? I also have a signed, Mary McFadden belt. The VP of Neiman’s told me never to give it away. It’s worth $$$. xoxox, Brenda

  14. I am 68 and I wear jeans often. I love the INC from Macy’s in the boyfriend cut. I have a couple of pairs with sequins and pearls. I went through a leggings phase but never seemed able to find tops to cover my butt. lol

    • LOL! Victoria, No matter what, it always comes back to our butts!! I’m not familiar with INC from Macy’s, but will take a look. Thanks, sweet lady! xoxox, Brenda

  15. Interesting! I have one dark blue denim, 8-gore skirt—my nod to “jeans”. Always been a skirt-wearing girly-girl & feel much more comfortable. Slacks & shorts feel so restrictive to me… they don’t swish or swirl *gasp*whine*letting out my little girly-girl self*

    • Oh, Beverly! You’re priceless! I bought a dark blue denim, Diane von Furstenberg, long, swishy skirt and have never worn it. Very girly-girl. Perhaps you’d like it? xoxox, Brenda

  16. I’m 61 and love my jeans. Never wore them going to school in the 70’s, as I only wore skirts. I love Chico’s jeans. My mom is 85 and still wears jeans! I can’t imagine them going out of style.

  17. My mom never wore jeans, she bought a pair once and they hung in the closet till the yard sale. Even camping she always wore a older pair of nice pants. In fact none of the ladies in her circle ever wore jeans. I myself am 54 and love my skinny jeans. Being a bit on the curvy side I pair darker jeans with a nice wider blouse and they always look nice and slimming. I get mine at The Avenue but I always have to alter the waist band a bit.

    • Carol, You’ve described my mom and her circle of friends. I never saw any of them in jeans, but I do remember when mother was younger and I was under 10, she had a pair of capri pants. I have a photo of her in them… Not very flattering which looking back, I’m amazed she wore them because she had great taste. Skinny jeans and a pretty wider blouse sounds perfect! When I sign off here, I have two pair of peach colored jeans from Nordstrom’s to try on, and I’m hoping one of them fits me! For some reason I’m more comfortable in blue jeans… I feel like colored jeans make me look curvier! Is that crazy? Thanks for adding to the discussion Carol. Brenda

  18. I hadn’t thought about it before, but I wear jeans a LOT less than I used to – wear a lot more leggings in the winter, either around the house, or with boots and a long sweater/cardigan/tunic out. They’ve always been pretty hot in the summer here in Kentucky, and now I tend to wear casual skirts and dresses more in the summer. I’ve become a bit of a Chico’s print pants addict, as they’re flattering and comfy as pajamas, and I wear those a lot instead. Still love white jeans, all year ’round. I mostly wear jeans for farm work, or anyplace I’m around rough surfaces that would snag all these knits. Thought-provoking question – fun!

    • Hi Mary Katherine! Interesting! I had a hunch we were wearing jeans a lot less than we used to, but almost everyone who added a comment here still wears jeans a lot. I love white jeans but feel they make me look fat. They’re less forgiving than blue jeans. Chico’s sizes… I always feel like I fall somewhere in-between them. Why can’t every designer use the same size reference, including European designers. Even then, a size 10 from one designer isn’t the same size 10 as another designer. Very frustrating, don’t you think? Thanks for reading and responding! I appreciate you, Brenda

    • Hi Hilda, I agree. The high-waisted slims fit me best and look best on me. I hate to be tugging on my clothes all the time and that’s what I do if parts of me are spilling over the top of my pants. Thanks for chiming in! xoxox, Brenda

  19. Still wear jeans and probably always will. Straight leg in winter and mostly white ankle jeans in the summer. Try Talbots jeans, always have good luck with them.

  20. I am 62, and I wear jeans most of the time. I was kind of late to the party with skinny jeans, but I have to say, they are my favorite now! I have a few pairs of dark blue skinny jeans, and a few pairs of straight leg jeans. Other than for work, jeans have always been my go-to pants. (I’m not exactly a fashionista. I didn’t really have any style at all, until my daughter became a teenager and taught me how to dress! haha So now I do put together outfits a little better, even though the outfits usually involve jeans! At 25, she still gives me advice. “No, Mom, do NOT wear that.”) Thanks for sharing at Thursday Favorite Things!

    • Hi Pam, You’re so talented. I know your website and love to see the beautiful craft projects you create. When I was a photographer I became interested in stamping and hand made my business cards. It gave me so much pleasure not to mention the big jobs with the Napa Valley wineries it brought me. You’re lucky you have a daughter who can advise you on what to wear and how to put an outfit together. Thank you for stopping by and leaving me a comment, Brenda

  21. 63 here. I wear jeans but not a love affair with them. I prefer dresses and skirts, tights / leggings. I never ever wear shorts or jean “ cut-offs”. I never wear them for a special outing and never wear them in travel mode.i could not or would not wear on an airplane—- thought shivers my self and the lady parts… ouch. I prefer Paige or AG jeans.

    • HI C, I’ve always loved AG jeans. AG is my favorite pair I have in my closet and I’ve had them for years. I’ve been looking for skirts and midi or maxi dresses and having trouble finding dresses for women our age that doesn’t show too much skin, plus I’m not big into prints so that let’s out 75% of my choices right there. Thanks for contributing to the conversation! I appreciate you! Brenda

  22. Love the reply and we are like minded in the no print dresses. I am pleased with a lot of Theory and Vince dresses. Pricey but these last and are timeless. Navy being my favorite I find these so well made and just feminine. My favorite style is a good fit n flare as I am 5’2”—-105 pounds. Check out the runway at TJ Maxx as they seem to carry many .
    Oh forgot to comment that my Mom called them Bluejeans and Dungerees. Never could we wear these off the ranch ( raised on a Peach / Almond family ranch). My other comment in wearing these ( for me)….. never with heels. Flats or slip on sneakers as I would look hideous or worse . I am very conservative in my dress and I wouldn’t as well ever wear pants to church. Again… just me , no judging on others choices. Thanks Brenda!

    • Hi C, I also like Theory and Vince. Their designs and quality are top notch and yes, you’ll have them for a long time it makes them a smart buy. “Dungerees!” Too hilarious! I don’t remember the last time I heard that term. Definitely a working vibe, not a fashion reference. You grew up on a peach and almond ranch? How cool. I would have loved that. In my 20’s I wore jeans with heels, but then I was tall and thin and everything looked good on me. Now I don’t wear heels, plus heels with jeans aren’t my speed anymore. I have friends who only wear dresses to church. I wear pants to church but I style them in a very dressy way with great shoes or boots, scarves and jewelry and a wonderful top. xoxox, Brenda

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