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Why Brands Should Care About Women Over 45
We're hungry for community, relevant content and products and services from companies that recognize our unique needs and wants.

This week, a popular site that gives bloggers an opportunity to network with one another, asked me to share why I started 1010ParkPlace, a site with compelling, original content for women over 45. To answer that, you need some background about me.

From 2009-2012, I had the Top Breast Cancer Blog and my site,, was the only survivorship resource for breast cancer families. For the most part, breast cancer is a disease of aging, so I was already talking to women over 45 about serious things like life and death and husbands who abandon us after our diagnosis. Because I was well-known in the breast cancer community, I spoke at lots of women’s conferences. As a result, Yahoo invited me to speak at Internet Week to an invitation only, Fortune 100 audience, about a study they did on women over 45. When the event was over, I had an ah-ha moment about all of the things Yahoo’s study didn’t address, as well as things women over 45 were missing.

We’re the wealthiest, best-educated, yet most underserved demographic in history. That’s crazy! That night, in my hotel room, I wrote the business plan for 1010ParkPlace.

I meet and am awestruck by the most amazing, resilient women on the planet. I’m also dumbfounded when 20 to 30-something advertising account people—whose brands are a perfect fit for 45+ women—tell me our age group is no longer relevant. However, every day, more brands are realizing women over 45 are the new customer majority; the financial “whales.” We spend more far money than all the Millennial women put together!

For those brands—and their ad agencies—who confuse us with our grandmothers, here’s a short tutorial:

  • There 71% more women over 45 than there are women between 20 to 39.
  • There are 74 Million women over 45 in the U.S. alone.
  • We spend $47 Billion a year on fashion and accessories.
  • We’re the fastest growing demographic on social media.
  • 76% of us purchase clothes, shoes, travel and entertainment online.
  • We’re inheriting $40 Trillion from parents & husbands, not to mention what we’ve earned on our own.

Women over 45 are looking for our tribe, online, and we want great brands that have taken the time to discover our needs and wants and that care about more than just our wallets. If one brand in ten thought as much about us, as they did about the Kendall Jenner wanna’ be’s, their bottom lines would skyrocket.

We’re daring, creative, independent woman who’ve found our voice and know what we want at this stage of our lives. We also have the money to make it happen. In my opinion, that’s pretty relevant! Ladies, what do you think?

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Hi Girlfriends,

I’m proud to say that 1010ParkPlace™ has been voted one of the Top Ten Blogs for women over 50: the best-educated, wealthiest, most powerful demographic in history.

Here you will get a glimpse into the lives of other women, learn how they handled things life put in their path like divorce, the death of a spouse, serious health issues, low self-esteem, addiction and how to reinvent yourself after a major life change. You will find like-minded women and relevant conversations about finances, fashion, sex, books, music, films and food. We feature interviews with inspiring women along with straight-talk and bold conversations to reawaken your passions and make life count.

Brenda’s Blog has between a 58.4% and a 68.7% click thru rate, which is unheard of. My readers tell me it’s because I’m sassy and transparent, they trust me and no topic is off limits.

Tell your girlfriends, sisters and coworkers about 1010ParkPlace. We have lots of exciting interviews planned and stay tuned for updates about my memoir! 

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31 thoughts on “Between the Lines: WHY BRANDS SHOULD CARE ABOUT WOMEN OVER 45”

  1. I think yes! You just have to see the backlash over the criticism of Meg Ryan’s new look to know that we are a strong and mouthy demographic that can move mountains when we want. I buy from companies that show they want to serve a smart, moneyed, strong, feisty demographic. (Note to brands: Please do not explain to someone in my shoes what an interest rate is! Or tell me that I look 25!) xo

    • Jen,
      We are a hyper critical society, aren’t we? For everyone who speaks out against Meg Ryan’s new look, I’ve got news for them: Even with the best plastic surgeon in the world, who did an amazing job on someone else, there’s no guarantee your surgery will be that amazing as well. There are so many factors involved that, for me, it’s like rolling the dice in Las Vegas! We should celebrate the courage of women like Meg Ryan, who decide to get plastic surgery, and then think about what it feels like to wear a face–for life–they may not be happy with.

      • Amen. I think she’s awesome. She’s always been one of my favourites and that’s not going to change! So many women in Hollywood simply disappear as they age. I love those who refuse to go away!!

  2. So true, so true!!
    I find that many of the newer styles could be perfect for us older women, yet if we only see them shown on young models, then we don’t realize it and only associate them with the younger generations!
    Not only do brands need to manufacture their clothing with us older women in mind, I think they need to model them on us!!

    • Jodie, You’ve hit on the “other” component that’s needed in targeting women over 45: Seeing models our own age! Thanks for pointing that out!! Brenda

  3. Amen sister! I totally agree with you and actually have a post in the works about this very subject! So nice to connect even more through our Between the Lines – Have a great week! <3

  4. I totally agree!! It just blows me away when folks think that just because you turn 50 you’re ready for pasture. We are amazing women with a wealth of experience and knowledge … heck I’m just getting started LOL

    • Carla, The problem is brand advertising is run by Millennials, and they don’t get it! Brenda

  5. Midlife women rule. Done. My life (re) began at age 49 when I met my (now) husband and he introduced me to the world of windsurfing! Our Boomer generation with all of these health-conscious men and women have re-defined everything. Excellent and illuminating post and why, yes, we ARE relevant!

    • I took up windsurfing in my 40s! So fun! We’re relevant… except to the Millennials who manage a brand’s ad campaigns! They’re as clueless as a box of rocks! Brenda

  6. What a cool post! I love your statistics – thank you. And I’m delighted to meet you between the lines.

  7. Hi Brenda from Between the Lines Week 5. I have heard your stories in bits and pieces and continue to be inspired. Love what you are doing at 1010 Park Place!

  8. Nice to meet you through Between the Lines. I never understand why retailers cater to the younger crowd either. I didn’t have any money in my younger years and rarely bought anything! Following on Instagram.

    • Brands are catering to younger women because the Millennials are the ones managing their ad campaigns, and they only know and think about “me, me, me,” and that’s not us!

  9. Hi, Brenda! This post really resonates with me, and those statistics you cited are stunning. A blogging friend of mine is working with a brand in Australia that is all about women over 45, and as I read her posts, I find myself wondering where the US brands are who want to work with this same age group of women. And by “work with,” I mean finding out what this group of women REALLY wants, needs, thinks, feels, and are passionate about, not merely trying to sell them something that was created for a 25 year old. I am so excited to find this site, and I am subscribing today. On a personal note, wow, what you have endured, and wow, what a light and inspiration you are for others! So glad to meet you through Between the Lines!

    • Wendy! Thank you for your kind note! Thank you! We’re proof that women over 45 are connecting with one another online. I’m excited you’ve subscribed and hope to see you again.. on your site and mine. Brenda

  10. Brenda, it’s nice to meet you here at the Between The Lines series and I’m your newest follower on your social media platforms. All I’m going to say after reading your post is Amen!!!

    • Amen, Marie! Let’s unite and figure out how to make our voices heard! Thanks so much, Brenda

  11. Been designing gardens for almost 30 years. Now, most of my clients are age 45 +. Their attitude is clear, they’ve raised the kids, let the husband have his ‘stuff’, it’s their turn. And you aren’t believing the size of the checks I receive, most with Thank You written on them and a hug when given. Most of the women hiring me locally go on to become installation clients, and the check is much larger,of course my team receives a nice check too.

    After 2008 my career went into overdrive, mostly women over 60. Whoa ! Their sense of it’s-my-turn, life is short, and I want to create a space of beauty/joy. Attitude held whether, married, divorced, widowed. Perhaps weighted more towards married women, done ‘doing without’. Interesting.

    Women in 30’s-40’s hiring me are married, working, kids. This generation hires the design and installs all of a front yard, then a year later all of the backyard. Unheard of for the same age group at the front of my career, it never happened.

    Thanks for the music play list in your next post ! Will get to it later today as a treat. Just read about Dior’s French chateau recently bought back by the company, lovely pictures, and later wondered what was the music Dior listened too while at .

    Garden & Be Well, XOT

    • Tara, So happy to hear from you! I’ve been subscribed to your blog for sometime now. Your input about women over different ages and how they make themselves a priority is right in line with what I’m saying. We all know this, because we’re in this age group. It’s the Millennials who need the tutorial so they can more effectively steer their clients in the right direction. ….What DID Dior listen to? Great question! I hope we talk again, soon! Brenda

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