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The Best Beauty Treatment


Short of a great facelift, did you know water may be the best beauty treatment you can buy? It doesn’t have to be smart water, or come from an exotic island, just regular H2O from your kitchen faucet.

The other day I heard a commercial, offering a urine rebate. I’m listening and wondering, “Who the flip wants a urine rebate?”

This week I’ve been traveling, not getting enough sleep, drinking too much wine–and not enough water–and it shows on my face. Not only do I look tired and haggard, but my skin doesn’t have its usual clarity and smooth texture.

Drinking water has many beauty benefits. Proper hydration helps eliminate dark circles and that sunken eye look that no amount of concealer can fix. Water also plumps up the skin. Think of a raisin; now think of a grape. The difference is the raisin is a grape that’s lost most of its water. Would you rather look plump and juicy, or like a dried-up raisin? FULL DISCLOSURE: There’s only so much plump and juicy water can deliver. While it can help reverse a multitude of sins, it’s not a substitute for youth and estrogen… Sorry.

Water helps flush out toxins, carries nutrients to our cells and helps organs function properly. As a side benefit, drinking a glass of water before each meal will make you feel fuller–so you won’t eat as much food–which may result in weight loss. Also water can help prevent constipation and the accompanying grimacing look, which could be construed as crotchety… as in old and crotchety.

Did you know the color of your urine is an indicator of whether you’re getting enough water? I told this to a nine-year-old, who thought I was nuts, until he ran his own experiment. If your urine is dark yellow, your body probably thinks its been stranded on the Sahara Desert. Clear urine is a sign you’re well-hydrated. As a side note, it may also mean you’re running to the bathroom more than you’d like. Somewhere in-between dark yellow and clear is a good balance.

What if you stop drinking alcohol, beverages containing caffeine like coffee, tea and sodas, and drink eight large glasses of water a day? Then let me know if the dark circles and bags under your eyes have gotten better and your skin is more radiant.

PS: Speaking of urine… The other day I heard a commercial, offering a urine rebate. I’m listening and wondering, “Who the flip wants a urine rebate?” and “Who’s urine would it be?” I’m getting carried away with this notion when I realized they were offering a “year-end” rebate. Grrr… Am I getting to be like Emily Litella? Never mind.

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14 thoughts on “The Best Beauty Treatment”

  1. I wondered where you were going with the “urine rebate”. You’re hilarious. Dehydration makes a huge difference in my face! I hate running to the bathroom all the time but it’s worth it. I won’t be the one to report back on the effects of giving up wine and caffeine. I’d rather drink more water 🙂

    • My heart doesn’t tolerate caffeine, so that’s not on my list, but wine…. I’m with you. I’d rather drink more water. xoxox, Brenda

  2. Thanks for the reminder of the goodness of being well hydrated. I’m not a natural hydrator, so these prompts are always good. I’m off to retrieve my water bottle and set it on my desk.

    • If you’re like me, you need a couple of other prompts:
      #2: Now drink the water on your desk.
      #3: Refill water bottle and repeat steps #1-3.

  3. Haha!!! The genius Gilda Radner…I can think of worse people to be compared to! Water…got it. I’ll get back to you on no caffeine, tea or wine! 😉

    • Thanks for this info, Haralee. A girlfriend of mine gets migraines, and I’m not sure she’s her best healthcare advocate. Perhaps I can gently nudge her to drink more water. XOXOX, B

  4. Brenda, you’re hilarious! I won’t be giving up my wine anytime soon though, so it looks like a double-dose of water for me! (If only it were as easy to drink!) Essie xx

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