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I have a girlfriend in Austin who always says I’m too dressed up for Austin. Sometimes she’s right and sometimes she’s not, but I don’t care. I’m dressing for me, not to follow a trend or fit in with the hip Austin millennials—who all look alike—the older hippie dippy crowd or those women of a certain age who look fabulous.

I’m interested in what looks good on me.

Last week my girlfriend and I went to hear Dr. Barbara Bergin and her band (yes, OUR Dr. Barbara Bergin… the one who writes 1010ParkPlace posts about how to take care of ourselves, info other doctors don’t tell us). Barbara is a Renaissance woman; an orthopedic surgeon, accomplished horsewoman and a talented singer/songwriter. We had a great time, and yes, my yellow Zara skirt was “technically” overdressed for the Austin bluegrass crowd, but then we all have different styles and that’s okay!

I love these $39.90 Belted Khaki Tencel Pants. Tencel fabric is so soft and a notch above denim. Pair these pants with an oversized white shirt tucked in the front and let the back drape over the pants. Silver jewelry looks great with khaki and white.

I like these $49.90 Tropical Print Pants because they’re high-waisted and have an elastic waistband in the back for a comfortable fit, plus they hit at the ankles. So cute and summery with a great white top.

This $69.90 Flowy Jacket has long sleeves, wide lapels and an adjustable drawstring waist. Again, I love this khaki/olive color with white and some silver jewelry.

I’m WILD about this $39.90 Animal Print Skirt. They’re out of stock on everything except an XL, but leave your email, and they’ll contact you when it’s back in stock. With sandals or sneakers… Light and easy.

BTW, there are lots of “paperbag waist” pants on the market this summer. Unless you’re pencil size with small breasts… Resist the urge to buy a pair. They’re not flattering on most of us.

I love this $29.99 Shopper Bag with Wooden Handles. The interior fabric bag has a drawstring closure to keep your things safe and the shoulder strap is removable.


These cute summer sandals come in gold, red or a pale green and are only $49.99!

A fresh, clean pair of $39.90 white sneakers goes with almost everything.

Next… Find something fun to do this summer!

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  1. Good morning Brenda. This post resonates with me because I also have been accused of being overdressed, even when wearing jeans and a blazer; my belief being that accessories are essential to a finished look. I have learned to “own” what I wear and dress to please myself. And I have a blast with fashion! I’ll wear 3 pins on my jacket if I wish and pffft to anyone who doesn’t like it… lol. Have a wonderful weekend!

    • Hi Lea, After my first husband died I dated a man who said I “looked rich” and he didn’t mean that in a complimentary way. I remember one specific time when I said, “But I’m wearing blue jeans and a white shirt,” to which he said, “Well you have a way of making it seem like you’re over dressed.” LOL! I’ll never forget that! Here’s to women who wear whatever they want!! Love your comment. xoxox, Brenda

  2. Totally agree with you! I love to ‘create’ an outfit that looks clean, polished & uncluttered……classic! No matter where I’m going…..if that’s over-dressed….then I guess I’m over-dressed…for some observers…..but, I’m comfortable with my look….and that’s what matters most!

  3. I had a dear friend who was always perfectly put-together. She could make jeans and a Harley tee-shirt look catwalk worthy… I always felt she was “overdressed.”
    In reality, I felt under-dressed around her.
    Maybe that’s the truth of what others mean when they say that to anyone.

    • Donna, BINGO!! I think you nailed it. When someone is well-dressed, it makes others feel under dressed… like they could have put a little more thought into what they’re wearing. xoxox, Brenda

    I was chatting with a friend who travels back and fourth to TEXAS A LOT for work…….she sells VINTAGE JEWELRY!MDVii on instagram and she is BRITISH by BIRTH.SHE AGREED WITH ME and they love to entertain and be surrounded by beautiful things!SHE TOLD ME I WOULD LIKE TEXAS!
    I have NEVER BEEN………..maybe I need to HOP DOWN THIS SUMMER and check it OUT!
    OFF to Bryn Walker TODAY as they have a NEW OUTFIT for me to TRY!!!!
    I’ll try NOT to OVER DRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Elizabeth, There are pockets of women in Texas who are always well-dressed, but it’s not everyone. We have way too many people who look like they’re about ready to wash the car or mow the lawn but decided instead to fly to NYC. Very distressing! At least 15 years ago my late husband and I took my mother to lunch at Highland Park Village in Dallas. James couldn’t get over how poorly dressed the women were. We were in an enclave of wealthy Dallas, and I had to agree with him. The shops at HPV are so chic, and the women used to be breathtaking, but when we were there, they were stunningly below average. xoxox, Brenda

  5. I am always over dresses and I don;t care. I own my look. I wish more middle aged women would do the same.. I urge women to not fade into the background! Be seen!

    • I second your great suggestion, Lauren! Women of a certain age complain that they become invisible, but for the most part, I think they let themselves fade into the background. No m’am! That’s not happening here! Great comment! Thanks, Brenda

  6. I acado those gold sandals and I think I would love the red ones even more. I find that American people in general are way too casual – shorts and flip- flops everywhere. Casual is okay. I like it too but I never leave the house wearing shorts unless imI headed to the beach.

    • Loree, I couldn’t agree more. We’ve gotten way too casual, and it didn’t help when a few years ago when wearing silk pajamas out were the hot trend. There’s a Texas school that recently wrote a dress code FOR PARENTS who come to their child’s school, and NO PAJAMAS was on the list. Thank you for reading and leaving me a comment, Brenda

  7. Thank you, Brenda – you inspired me to wear a favorite silk skirt with a white t-shirt yesterday. Although I work via the internet, no one sees me, yet I felt great. I decided to put on my silver loafers and take a nice walk to our little chocolate shop and then to the florist. Outfit joy:)

    • Hi Irene! Thanks for letting me know!! I love that you dressed to work from home! I have a pair of silver loafers and they’re my favorite shoes. They make me feel like I have that “certain something” going on! So fun! Wish I lived near you. I would have dressed and met you for a walk. xoxox, Brenda

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