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Evergreen Ladies Dressed to the Nines

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If you are a regular reader of my posts, you will know that I love creativity. I enjoy curating posts that include beautiful pictures from around the web.

Today I am sharing a collection of beautiful Evergreen Ladies. I love the creativity that went into these unique dresses.  Some are simple yet elegant; others are elaborate. To me it’s holiday eye candy. I hope you enjoy them too.

Elegant Evergreen Dress

via Mannequin Madness


Peacock Evergreen Dress

via Mannequin Madness

Evergreen Dress with stars

via Kate’s Creative Space

Evergreen and Lace Dress

via Blazepress

Evergreen and Cardinal Dress

via Mannequin Madness

Holly and Evergreen Dress

 Source Unknown

Christmas Bulb Dress

via Mannequin Madness

Evergreen Dress

via Style State

Evgreen and Burlap Dresses

via Lisa Mende Design

Which is your favorite?

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