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The Pro-Body Project

I used to call this time of the year “The Season of 1,000 Temptations.” I’d cling tenuously to whatever diet I was on at the time, knowing there’d be a moment when I couldn’t resist temptation any longer, and I’d eventually eat something “bad.” After that, I’d eat as much as possible until New Year’s

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Last week I shared the first post in this two-part series. If you haven’t read it, you can do so

If you’ve been reading this series then you know I’m opposed to dieting. Whilst I don’t believe our bodies should

I remember being shaky in the early days. Food had such a grip on me. Sometimes it’s terrifying to surrender,

I started emotional eating again, focusing on how my body looks, rather than how it feels. This led to feelings

This isn’t the post I’d planned to write – it’s not really the post I want to write – which

I was recently introduced as a “Body Positive Influencer.” Whilst I know it was meant as a compliment, being described